Hotel Discounts & All Inclusive Hotels: Kathie Lee & Hoda Summer Travel


Today’s Travel: Know Before You Go

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk with Anthony Melchorri, host of Travel Channel’s Hotel Impossible, about how to find the right hotel at the best price and the do’s and don’ts of booking your hotel room to take the best advantage of Hotel Discounts.

Hotel Discounts: Research & Flexible Dates

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss the dos and donts of booking hotels for your family vacation, hotel discounts and more with Anthony Melchorri

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss the dos and donts of booking hotels for your family vacation, hotel discounts and more with Anthony Melchorri, host of Travel Channel's Hotel Impossible


Anthony Melchorri said it is very important to do your research when booking a hotel. You want to know when you are going. Are you going peak season or off-season or somewhere in between? Are the kids in school or out of school?

If you can change you dates a little at the front or back-end, with some flexibility, you can save money. Melchorri said you can save 20-30%, especially if you package it with hotel, flight, and rental car.

Booking Your Hotel: Hotel Discounts

Anthony Melchorri said to book 14 days and over for discounted rates or book 14 days and under if you want to gamble with pricing. Melchorri said that many people don’t know, but you can walk into a nice hotel and ask for a discount while you are checking in, with or without a reservation. The hotel industry is a very competitive environment with the recession and a lot of hotels being built, so say you saw a price on a different site and ask for it.


Hotel Discounts Online: Expedia or

When doing your reasearch, Anthony Melchorri said to check out Expedia or and look at their rates. After that, you will want to go to the hotel’s website and check their prices. If their price is higher, call them up and ask for the lower rate. Hotels would rather book with you directly, because Expedia and sites like that charge them 30 or 40%.

Family Vacations: All-Inclusive Hotels

Anthony Melchorri said to go all-inclusive, if possible, or consider hotel with kitchens to save money on food. When going all-inclusive, Moms don’t have to worry about entertainment or planning every meal for the family. Everything is done for you and Mommy can take a break. When families travel with a baby, it is especially helpful to look for rooms with kitchens. Melchorri said extended stay hotels are your best option for that.

Hotel Tonight and Last Minute Hotel Discounts

For last minute rooms, Anthony Melchorri said to go with a branded hotel chain. These are the brands you trust and know are good. Also, Melchorri said you can check out Hotel Tonight or for last minute hotel ideas.


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