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Kathie Lee & Hoda: The Scoop

It’s Try Day Friday and Kathie Lee Giffod and Hoda Kotb are bringing us The Scoop on The Today Show. Hot topics for today: National Best Friends Day, summer fashion faux pas, the Friday Funny joke and much more.  Plus, if you are looking for the best Father’s Day Gifts, wait until you see what Kathie Lee and Hoda found – a personalized superhero action figure at, a personalized Tabasco sauce and even a wallet made out of a baseball jersey!

National Best Friends Day

Kathie Lee and Hoda discuss The Scoop on The Today Show

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss The Scoop on The Today Show with topics ranging from National Best Friends Day, Father's Day gift ideas, Friday Funny and much more. (Image Credit: Dylan Armajani /


National Best Friends Day is a day to enjoy your best friend. Some of us may have one best friend and others may have many, but Hoda Kotb says to pick people who are healthy inside and out…no negative energy. Kathie Lee Gifford once told a friend, “If you cannot be a blessing, I cannot use any more burdens.” The ladies also say it is good to have some friends who have some baggage, because they are precious too.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: What To Wear To Work in the Summer

Summertime is always a time of the year that has people wondering what is and what is not acceptable to wear to work. Hoda Kotb says you should never wear mini-skirts, flip flops or strapless anything. Women seem to struggle with the summer more because you go from the outside warmth and step inside to the freezing inside temps. Women tend to be more cold in the office. A study shows that workers are more productive when warm, at a shocking 76 degrees.

Average Penis is the Length of a Sharpie?!?

Cosmopolitan has a special-sealed section in this month’s issue, with a guide to the male package. It is sealed because you have to be 18 or older. Some fascinating penis facts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb share:  the average erect male is the length of a Sharpie marker, if the index finger is shorter than the ring finger on a man he is more likely to have a larger member. Based on condom sales online, the Top 5 states for men with the largest packages:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Oregon
  3. New York
  4. Indiana
  5. Arizona

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Friday Funny

The Friday Funny joke of the day comes from Leanne Fisher from Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Facebook page. A little girl runs into her grandfather’s hospital room asking, “Grandpa, can you make a sound like a frog.” Grandpa asks, “Why?” His granddaughter begs, “Please, just make a sound like a frog when mommy gets in the room.” Grandfather asks again, “But why?” Little girl says, “Because Mommy says as soon as you croak we’re all going to Disneyland.”

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Father’s Day Gifts

The Today Show Style Editor and’s Bobbie Thomas joins Kathie Lee and Hoda in the studio with Bobbie’s Buzz and she brought with her gift ideas for Father’s Day.

Personalized Superhero Action Figure at

First idea is from and it is to create a superhero action figures for your father. They can make a three-dimensional head for an action figure from two pictures of your Dad. This will cost you $129.95.

Personalized Tabasco Sauce Review

To spice things up for your Dad, at Tabasco Country Store you can get a personalized gallon jug of Tabasco Sauce. Put your own message on the jug for $44.95.

Baseball Jersey Wallet

At Red Envelope, you can pick up some personalized accessories for Dad. Ranging in price from $19.95-149.95, you can do anything from putting a personal message on a money clip or bottle opener or having a wallet made with authentic baseball jerseys of your Dad’s favorite team.


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