Fanny Pack Alternatives: gilt Crossbody Bag & Cellairis Phone Wallet


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Fanny Pack Alternatives

Kathie Lee was caught on camera wearing a not-so-fashionable fanny pack, and to commemorate her bravery, Hoda and the rest of the Today Show clan made sure that she never wore a fanny pack again by showing us 10 fanny pack alternatives. Jill Martin of People Style Watch came in to show us how to make sure you’re not ever left thinking that a fanny pack is your only option. Though Jill loves fanny packs herself, especially for when you are travelling and have to worry about pickpockets, nothing beats the old fanny pack.

Today Show: lululemon Athletica Fanny Pack Review

First up was an Athletica fanny pack from lululemon. Though fanny pack is in the title, it didn’t really look so much like a fanny pack as it did a purse that sits on your waist. If this sounds like something you would like, it can be yours for $68.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Etsy Fanny Pack Review

Fanny Pack Alternatives: gilt Crossbody Bag & Cellairis Phone Wallet

If you’re looking for a fanny pack alternative, Jill Martin had plenty of suggestions to offer.

Another fanny pack from etsy wasn’t exactly as big and bold as the lululemon one, but it did switch it up a little bit from your traditional fanny pack fair by using a flap that runs across the bag, rather than a zipper, making it look almost like a messenger bag for your waist. These packs started at $15 and went up from there.

Today Show: gilt Crossbody Bag Review

If you want to avoid putting something on your waist altogether, then head over to gilt, where they have some great crossbody bags. They are just as hands-free as a fanny pack is, and run across the front of your body so that you can always keep an eye on your valuables. These bags started at $49.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ellington Crossbody Purse Review

Ellington threw their hat in the ring with a crossbody purse. What made this bag stand out was its removable strap, making this bag far more modular than any of the other ones. It can be a purse one second and a wallet the next!

Today: Miss Mochila Crossbody Bags Review

Miss Mochila also had a nice crossbody bags that Jill said were very popular with teens. The vibrant colors and unique materials are probably why this is. These bags started at $50 and went up in price from there.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Vera Bradley Crossbody Bag Review

The Vera Bradley crossbody bags are also extremely popular with teens. These crossbody bags come in many different varieties of styles and colors. These bags range from $29 to $70.

Today Show: Cellairis Phone Wallet Review

The Cellairis Phone Wallets were extremely small and were more like wallets than anything, so don’t plan on carrying too much in these. However, if you’re looking to just carry around your iPhone, lip gloss, and a few other things, this bag can be yours for $28 to $40.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mojo Backpacks DJ Bag Review

The last bag was perfect for music lovers. The DJ Bag from Mojo Backpacks featured a compartment specifically cut out for headphones. As for the rest of the bag, it makes for an excellent mini-backpack should you need to carry more things. These bags run for around $150.

Today: Brooks Running Pants, Shorts Review

There were also a pair of waterproof running pants from Brooks Running that featured a special compartment for small items like your keys and smaller cell phones. The waterproof material means you never have to worry about getting your belongings wet when you decide to go for a jog in the rain! These pants started at $68. There were also men’s shorts that started at $50.


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