Fall Makeup Advice: Face Defender Foundation Review & Bright Eyeliner


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Fall Makeup Tips

The arrival of fall is a good time to look at your cosmetics and decide what you should save and what you should toss and what you should buy to kick off the new season. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Mally Roncal, creator and President of Mally Beauty, to help you update your beauty routine when transitioning from summer to fall, including ditching the glittery eye shadow and rosebud lip colors. Instead, try Face Defender Foundation and bright eyeliners. For more ideas, check out Kathie Lee & Hoda’s Fall Accessories Must List.

What You Should Save: Bright Eyeliners & Big Eyebrows

Mally Roncal helped update your beauty routine when going from summer to fall, with Face Defender foundation and bright eyeliner choices.

Mally Roncal helped update your beauty routine when going from summer to fall, with Face Defender foundation and bright eyeliner choices.


Mally said some of the things you should keep and always have around, like eyeliners in beautiful, bright colors like greens, purples, blues.

She said eyebrows are always big, but especially in the fall. It is a liquid marker, so you can really draw it in and you can get precise.

Mally said you really have the beautiful, natural glow from being out in the sunshine. You don’t want to turn into a pasty mess when winter comes, so keep that bronzer and keep that healthy glow.


What You Should Toss: Sparkly Eyeshadow & Rose Lipstick

Mally said you should toss the super-sparkly eye shadows. She said fall is coming and it is more elegant.

Toss the Rosebud Lip Colors. Mally said soft lips are always appropriate, but this color is more in the summer. For the fall, you can go darker with your lip.

Toss the bright, white eye shadows. Mally said you want to keep everything soft and pretty. Everything that is going to pop out, you want to take those and throw them in the garbage.

Fall Makeup Tips: What You Should Buy

Mally said it is all about skin in the fall. In the summer, you are going for that dewey, healthy look. She said you want an All Over Face Defender Foundation. It is a nourishing foundation that almost acts as a skin care as well.

  • Buy a jar of Vaseline. Mally said it is a great way to keep hydrated in the fall. You can also apply it over your eyeshadow for a glossy finish.
  • Buy a creamy, waterproof Brown Eyeliner. She said smudgy eyeliner for that morning after kind of look.
  • Buy a deep, Mulberry Lipstick. Mally said the darker colors for the fall.


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