Buddy Bumper Balls, FlyeBaby Baby Harness and Blooming Bath Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cool Kids’ Stuff

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Bobbie Thomas, from Bobbie.com and Today Show Style Editor, as she discussed the latest and greatest for babies, tots and tweens, including Blooming Bath, crayon sash, allergy bracelets and much more.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Blooming Bath Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda welcomed Bobbie Thomas to discuss the latest and greatest for kids, including Blooming Bath, crayon sash and much more.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Bobbie Thomas to discuss the latest and greatest toys for kids, including Blooming Bath, crayon sash and much more.


Bobbie Thomas said a new, cool way to give your baby a bath is using a baby bath for $40 from Blooming Bath. Bobbie said it rings out and you toss it in the dryer.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: FlyeBaby Baby Harness Review

Bobbie Thomas said that traveling with a child is so challenging and suggested a Baby Harness for $44.99 from FlyeBaby. Bobbie said they came up with a harness that is like a hammock that hangs from the seat in front of you. You can have your hands free for the baby. Can also go on beach chairs and lounges.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Rock Me Clothes Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested ‘One-Piece’ Separates for $40-48 from Rock Me. Bobbie said they all look like separates, but they are one-pieces and you rock the baby into it without the snaps.


Cool Kids’ Stuff: Re-Purposed Huggable Shirts Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Re-Purposed Huggable Shirts for $80 from MrsJermyn.Etsy.com. Bobbie said they take any man’s shirt and they make it into a teddy bear for the child for Dad’s that might be out of town a lot for work.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Crayon Sash Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested a Crayon Sash for $17 from KateWDesigns.Etsy.com. Bobbie said it holds all your crayons and can wear as a sash or a belt.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Holes! A Coloring Book Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Holes! A Coloring Book for $7.95 from LA Zoo. Bobbie said the book is not meant to be within the lines. They color the shape and kids who aren’t there yet for coloring within the lines can see what the shapes can turn out to look like.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Allergy Wristbands Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Allergy Wristbands for $6.99 from AllerMates. Bobbie said if your kid has a peanut allergy, they can wear the bracelet and parents at a party can know it and it is a cool way to show it for the kids.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Bike Glow Safety Lights Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Safety Lights for $24.95 from Bike Glow. Bobbie said they wrap around your bike and glow in the dark and you can see them from 500 feet away.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Tapi Faucet Squeeze Fountain Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Tapi Faucet Squeeze Fountain for $11.95 from Spoon Sisters. Bobbie said it is meant to go on a faucet and turns it into a drinking fountain.

Cool Kids’ Stuff: Buddy Bumper Balls Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Buddy Bumper Balls for $29.98 from Hearth Song. She said they need adult supervision, but it’s a great way for kids to burn off their energy in the backyard and fun for the whole family.


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