Bowser Beer, Black Milk Clothing and Bedroom Chemist Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Products The Make You Go Hmm

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Bobbie Thomas, from and Today Show Style Editor, as she discussed products that make you go hmm, like perfume that smells like your favorite wine or an artist that paints with her lips and more. Check out Bowser Beer, the Bedroom Chemist and more.

Peculiar Products: Natalie Irish Review

Bowser Beer, Black Milk Clothing and Bedroom Chemist Reviews

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Bobbie Thomas as she discussed perfume that smells like your favorite wine, Bedroom Chemist, Bowser Beer, Natalie Irish and much more.


Bobbie Thomas suggested artwork by Natalie Irish. Bobbie said that Natalie uses lipstick on her lips and kisses the canvas to create her work. It is unbelievable and you can see the lipstick marks. Natalie has done Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor.

Peculiar Products: Bedroom Chemist Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Trial, PH.D. and Master Kits for $49.99 from Bedroom Chemist. Bobbie said that Bedroom Chemist wants to help you break the boredom, so they will send you a box every six weeks to make sure you are not bored and spice things up in the bedroom.

Peculiar Products: Relationship Status Bracelets Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Relationship Status Bracelets for $9.99 for a ten-pack from Buump. Bobbie said to claim your territory use these. You have to have someone cut it off.


Peculiar Products: Notes Of Wine Collection Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Notes of Wine Collection for $20-84 from Kelly And Jones. Bobbie said this is a collection of fragrances to enhance your wine experience. It makes a fragrance to go with the wine you are drinking, so it blends together.

Peculiar Products: Hangover Prevention Patch Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested the Hangover Prevention Patch for $14.99 for a five-pack from Bytox. Bobbie said you put it on 45 minutes before you start drinking and take it off eight hours after you are done drinking and they claim it will prevent a hangover. Filled with minerals and vitamins to prevent it.

Peculiar Products: Bowser Beer Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Beer for Dogs for $19.99 for a six-pack from Bowser Beer. Bobbie said it is non-alcoholic ale that is beef and chicken flavored for your dog.

Peculiar Products: Black Milk Clothing Review

Bobbie Thomas suggested Muscles and Bones Leggings for $76 from Black Milk Clothing. Bobbie said that our own bodies have been inspiring fashion trends.

Peculiar Products: Sweet Sin Couture Review

Bobbie Thomas siggested Percy Lau ‘Ear’Rings, Bellicose Tees and Sweet Sin Couture for $20-48 from Etsy. Bobbie said they are body parts, like ears and noses, as jewelry.


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