Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Target, K-Swiss & Coach: Stock Or Stuff


Today’s Money: Buy Stocks or Buy Stuff?

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Sharon Epperson, CNBC Personal Finance Correspondent, about if you would have taken that money you invested in that morning coffee or that handbag and instead invested it in that same company, would you have made money? Find out with the Today Show‘s Stock or Stuff game.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Sharon Epperson Interview

Sharon Epperson said she took a look at these companies from 2009 to Friday, June 22 2012. She said this is looking at past performance, so it doesn’t mean it is going to go that way in the future. Nothing to do with the future, just looking at the past.


Stock or Stuff: Starbucks

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Sharon Epperson on whether to buy stock or stuff from Target, Coach, Barnes & Noble and more.

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Sharon Epperson on whether to buy stock or stuff from Target, Coach, Barnes & Noble and more.

Sharon Epperson asked on Starbucks: $100 worth of caramel macchiatos or $100 in stock? Epperson said to look at the leadership of Starbucks and that the stock price has definitely gone up. She said you would have $359 from your $100 investment in 2009.

Stock or Stuff: Target Stores

Sharon Epperson asked on Target Stores: $100 worth of products in the store or $100 in Target stock? Epperson said it is a great company and you would have made money on stock, $340. Epperson said Target also offers dividends, which is part of the company earnings, no matter if the stock goes up or down.


Stock or Stuff: K-Swiss Shoes

Sharon Epperson asked on K-Swiss Sneakers: $100 for two pair of sneakers or $100 in K-Swiss stock? Epperson said that it is definitely better to keep the sneakers. She said K-Swiss has gone down, so keep the sneakers.

Stock or Stuff: Coach

Sharon Epperson asked on Coach: $300 for a handbag or $300 in stock? Epperson said get the stock. She said it has actually doubled in price in the last three years. A $300 investment in 2009 is now $660.

Stock or Stuff: lululemon

Sharon Epperson asked on lululemon: $100 in products or $100 in stock. Epperson said the stock is up 900% over the last 3 years, so a $100 investment in 2009 would give you over $1000 now.

Stock or Stuff: Wacoal

Sharon Epperson asked on Wacoal: $100 worth of products or $100 in stock? Epperson said to keep the products. Wacoal is the largest bra and pantie maker in Japan, but their stock prices have gone down and the bras last a long time, so keep your stuff.

Stock or Stuff: Barnes & Noble

Sharon Epperson asked on Barnes & Noble: $100 on products or $100 on stock? Epperson said to keep the stuff. With e-readers taking over, Barnes & Noble stock has gone down 25%.


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