Aussie Chair Organizer, Command Hooks, Skinny Can & MicroFridge Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: What Every Dorm Room Needs

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are joined by Julie Edelman, author of The Ultimate Accidental Housewife, as she gave tips on how to teach a kid to get clean and organized when going off to college. She suggested items that every dorm room needs, including a Chrome Laundry Bag Stand, dresser drawer liners, Microfiber Bedding Set and more.

Julie Edelman: MicroFridge Review

Julie Edelman gave tips on how to get clean when going to college, including a Chrome Laundry Bag Stand, Microfiber Bedding Set and more.

Julie Edelman gave tips on how to get clean when going to college, including a Chrome Laundry Bag Stand, Microfiber Bedding Set and more.


Julie Edelman said we know the microwave and fridge are going to be used and abused. She suggested putting a sheet of paper towel in the microwave before you leave and maybe when they make a mess they will take the sheet out and it will stay a tad cleaner. For the fridge, Edelman suggested putting some baking soda in there to absorb odor. The unti is a MicroFridge for $438-469 from MicroFridge and is one unit for the microwave and fridge, which saves space.

Julie Edelman: Skinny Can Review

For the stinky garbage can, Julie Edelman suggested putting some extra bags in the bottom for them to use to change the garbage and put some newspapers in the bag because it absorbs the odors. The garbage can is a Skinny Can for $6.99 from Container Store.

Julie Edelman: Chrome Laundry Bag Stand and Mesh Laundry Bags Reviews

Julie Edelman said that laundry will be all on the floor. She suggested a Chrome Laundry Bag Stand for $19.99 from Container Store and Mesh Laundry Bags for $3.99 from Container Store. Edelman said they may toss the clothes in their and sprinkle the hamper with baking soda to absorb the odor.


Julie Edelman: Cedar and Lavender Drawer Liners Review

For dresser drawers, Julie Edelman suggested Cedar and Lavender Drawer Liners for Dresser for $9.99 from Container Store. She said this will keep pests away.

Julie Edelman: Cleanrest Zip ‘N Lock Encasements Review

Julie Edelman suggested Cleanrest Zip ‘N Lock Encasements Mattress Cover for $89.99 and Cleanrest Zip ‘N Lock Encasements Pillow Case for $19.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond. They click and lock and keep dust mites away.

Julie Edelman: Microfiber Bedding Set Review

Julie Edelman suggested a Microfiber Bedding Set for $49.99 from Marshalls. She said you want to go microfiber for your bedding, wrinkle resistant and stain resistant. It dries fast and looks good.

Julie Edelman: White Juxta Drawers and Under Bed Storage Reviews

For storage, Julie Edelman suggested White Juxta Drawers for $29.99 from Container Store or Under Bed Storage for $75.88 from Wal-Mart. She said they close, so no dirt can get in and it’s easy.

Julie Edelman: Faux Leather Ottoman Review

Julie Edelman suggested a Faux Leather Ottoman for $58 from Sam’s Club. You can store things in it, sit on it and eat on it.

Julie Edelman: Command Hooks Review

To hang things, Julie Edelman suggested Command Hooks for $2.79-14.39 from Container Store. You can hang jewelry or use on wood surfaces to get your plugs off the ground.

Julie Edelman: Aussie Chair Organizer Review

Julie Edelman suggested an Aussie Chair Organizer for $19.95 from Aussie Pouch. She said you hang it on back of your chair and great way to keep things off the floor.


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