Today Show: What Women Want From Men & Grooming Habits


Today Show: What Do Women Want?

After The Today Show received some useful insight into a man’s brain on yesterday’s show, co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb opened up today’s program with a study on What Women Want From Men? As it turns out, women still desire chivalry. Men need to open doors and get flowers, even in today’s modern age.

Also: handymen are greatly appreciated, but don’t make up for other flaws. Kathie’s husband tried to fix a fence and half of it came down, yet she wouldn’t trade him! Women also gauge a man’s interest based on the time it takes them to return messages. Kathie was quick to point out the guy may be a lawyer working an important case and may not be able to get right back to you. Women also are quick to point out what they want, she said, but seldom realize when they are too overbearing with expectations to call right back.


The study also showed women like to be kissed for no reasons, with no strings attached. Kathie Lee and Hoda both agreed but added a caveat: no onions can be involved. Want to be danced with? Most women do. Hoda’s man hears a song at breakfast and gets up to dance. Kathie Lee was quick to make fun of Hoda, noting that the comment meant they were sleeping together beforehand. Hoda hoped her parents weren’t watching the show!

Today Show: What Women Want & Grooming Habits

Today Show Kathie Lee & Hoda: Grooming Habits

Women also want their man to be dressed up. It shows they think the woman is worth making an effort for. No sweatpants and please shower. Also, propose to visit families with a simple: “hey let’s go visit your mom.” Kathie Lee’s husband, Frank Gifford, goes the extra mile and brings both food and gifts to the family. He also offers to regulate noisy neighbors and generally helps out around the house.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Grooming Habits

Shockingly, a new study by Ask Men shows that men spend more time getting ready than women do. An average man spends 81 minutes a day grooming, toning, moisturizing, choosing clothes, and a variety of other tasks. Women spend a mere 75 minutes getting prepped for the day. Both co-hosts thought these numbers were crazy, but added that women tend to get this part of their daily routines done quickly and professionally. The study also shows that men take 23 minute showers, surprisingly one minute more than women. I’m skeptical and wonder if these numbers aren’t inflated! Kathie Lee and Hoda felt that everyone takes too long in the shower. What do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section.


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