Today Show: Vitamin B12 Benefits & Bruce Springsteen


Today Show: Kathie Lee & Hoda

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb opened up the show with a few eye opening studies on Vitamin B12 Benefits and how music can immediately change your mood. Check out the information below.

Hoda Vitamin B12 Energy Booster

A few weeks ago, Hoda went to the doctor after she was feeling tired. The doctor told her she was Vitamin B-12 deficient and needed to take a supplement. She used a dropper and felt great in a matter of days. Then Kathie Lee tried it and was also blown away by her increase in energy.


  1. Ann says

    My husband was told that he need B12….but he was also told that it need to be injected…not taken orally.

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