Today Show: Stay at Home vs. Working Moms & Avoiding Your Ex


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Today Show

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb kicked off today’s program with some advice for women. Experts say it’s important to toot your own horn, as women typically have a hard time saying “look what I did!” Kathie says women are raised to be modest, while guys, on the other hand, are great at boasting about what they’ve done!

Today Show: Stay at Home Mom vs Working Mom

A new study looked at Stay At Home Vs. Working Moms and shows that working mothers are happier than stay at home moms. You have to be a happy human being regardless of your circumstances, Kathie Lee added, and the happiest group was made up of moms that are part-time workers.


Today Show: Stay at Home vs. Working Moms

Today Show: Stay at Home vs. Working Moms

Hoda reminisced about her childhood, when everyone had chores to do before dinner. One person had to set the table and make salad, etc. Hoda and her siblings would see their parents drive up and hurriedly throw dinner on the table as their parents were walking in the doorway. The food was horrible, Hoda said, and she was surprised anyone actually ate it, but it was theirs – they had made it and that was all that mattered. Point of the story: working moms always feel guilty to be home with their kids but generally kids will rally around the environment and grow from the experience. Hoda and her siblings were just fine.

Kathie’s mom worked at three jobs simultaneously and they had everything they needed in terms of love and support. The biggest mistake: giving kids more stuff – just enjoy their presence. Later in life, Kathie was offered a spot on Broadway when her daughter was a one year old, but she turned it down and has no regrets. It sounds like as an adult, Kathie chose the opposite path.


Today Show: Avoiding Your Ex

Kathie Lee and Hoda gave some valuable tips to Avoiding Your Ex over the holidays.

Erase all of your phone numbers, from everything! Kathie assumed this was a precaution from an intoxicated night but Hoda quickly pointed out that you won’t know who is calling if you delete the number — leading people to pick up the phone before realizing who it is. Too late! What do you think? Personally, I screen calls and would tend to agree with the experts on this one.

Also, make sure to exercise a lot. It will leave you feeling good and if you see your ex in passing, he or she will be jealous of your fabulous physique. Emotionally, eating and drinking is also OK, but do it sparingly. Spread your joy to other people and make a list of the reasons you didn’t like your ex so you remind yourself that being single is better than being in the wrong relationship.

Most importantly: make plans, as boredom leads to bad decisions and depression. Boredom for Hoda leads to a little Facebook stalking. What about you? Leave your best tips for avoiding the ex during the holidays in the comments section below.


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