Today Show: Re-Gifting & After Christmas Wrapping Paper Uses


Today Show: Used Wrapping Paper Ideas

Ever wonder what to do with all of that wrapping paper? Most families are engulfed in a sea of crumbled, ripped, and otherwise useless paper after Christmas morning. Instead of throwing it all out in the trash, The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb shared some After Christmas Wrapping Paper Uses.

Used Wrapping Paper Cards

First, tape extra paper on pieces of cardboard and make holiday cards for next year. Not all wrapping paper is obviously for Christmas, so you might be able to make cards for birthdays and other occasions as well.


Used Wrapping Paper Picture Frame

Another option: make a frame. Simply cut out a piece of cardboard and make a border with the old wrapping paper.  Old envelopes can also be lined with wrapping paper, although Hoda thought this idea was rather time consuming. I tend to agree on this one.

Wrapping Paper Ice Scraper

Today Show Used Wrapping Paper Crafts

If you happen to live in a cold area, wrapping paper can also be crumpled up and used to get ice off windows. This seems a little far-fetched. Has anyone actually tried this? Leave your old gift wrap uses in the comments section.


Today Show: Re-Gifting

Kathie Lee and Hoda moved on to the subject of Re-Gifting. Say you don’t like some gifts, is it ok to thank someone for the gift and give it to someone else? Kathie likes to think of others who will like it more, she wants to pass it on to someone who would be more appreciative and feels it’s not a bad thing. Hoda wanted to re-gift something to a producer of the show, but was worried the producer was actually the original gift giver! Word to the wise: keep track of who gives you those holiday gifts.

The experts say: re-gift ONLY if it’s something you already have. The co-hosts didn’t agree with this advice, what do you think?

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Houseguest Etiquette

What are the dos and don’ts for houseguests visiting for the holidays? If you show up to someone’s house, experts say you should bring a bag of groceries. Kathie would be offended, proclaiming “we can’t afford to feed them????” Hoda was quick to point out it’s OK to bring cheeses or wine, but everyone agreed that showing up with bags of groceries seemed a little over the top. At the very least, it makes sense to ask beforehand to avoid offending your hosts.

Another tip: give your host personal space. It is their house, after all. Also, strip the bed you slept in and wash your linens. This seems pretty reasonable, but experts also think you should vacuum the entire room. Kathie Lee and Hoda agreed but I think most hosts would be thrilled with simply making the bed.



  1. Marilee says

    I am trying to find the segment on Kathie Lee and Hoda showing and demonstrating a neck scarf that turns into a rain bonnet. I would like to know the company name of this scarf.

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