Today Show: Gift Wrap Contest, Michael Buble & Salvation Army Performers


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Salvation Army Performers

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed two Salvation Army volunteers from Penn Station to the set for an impromptu rendition of their moneymaking performance. The duo are apparently a big hit in the subway station and I was eager to see what they had to offer.

One man began savagely strumming his guitar and hopping around on one foot throughout their original holiday tune, while the other man was even more vigorous in his dancing routines. The guitar-playing performer ended up doing most of the work, as the other guy was too out of breath to sing! The co-hosts were quick to point out that one of the men didn’t sing too much, and he responded that if he could sing and dance – like the Jackson 5 – he wouldn’t be dancing around in a subway station. Good point!


Kathie Lee & Hoda Gift Wrapping Contest

Today Show Gift Wrap Contest

The two co-hosts undertook an extremely difficult Gift Wrapping Contest for the viewers: wrapping a giant wine glass. The clock started ticking and Hoda surged out to the early lead, but her finished product was a jumbled mess that few would be proud of. Kathie Lee, on the other hand, meticulously wrapped her own wine glass. Hoda tried to help but got denied, as the finished product was shaping up to be a masterpiece. You could actually tell that Kathie Lee’s gift was a giant wine glass. I’m not sure that’s a great strategy for keeping a surprise but it did look much better than Hoda’s mangled mess of paper and tape!

Today Show: “The Carpenter’s Gift” Picture Book

Both co-hosts highly recommended David Rubel’s new book, “The Carpenter’s Gift: A Christmas Tale About the Rockefeller Tree”. The picture book is illustrated by Jim LaMarche and tells a tale of friendship and family in Depression era New York City. A jobless father sells Christmas trees in Manhattan and gives a leftover tree to the workers building the Rockefeller Center. It becomes the center’s first Christmas tree, which just happened to be a trivia question on yesterday’s show.


Hoda: Michael Buble & Love Actually

Hoda professed her love for the Christmas movie “Love Actually”, as well as the accompanying soundtrack to the film. As it turns out, her current playlist has the Michael Buble version of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which can be found on his CD entitled “Christmas”.  The producers played the opening verse and chorus of the song as both co-hosts jammed to the music.


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