Today Show: Financial Advice & Bumper Free Crib Bedding


Today Show: Career Changer Success Story

The Today Show is starting week-long look at people who pursued their dreams and found success after a change of careers or life goals. On today’s show, the audience and viewers at home got to meet Jamie. He gave up his job as a NASDAQ trader to follow a career in wine trading — without any previous experience in the business. He made the choice in 2005 with his girlfriend Kristen to move out to California, without any family or friends, after “riding the wave of corporate America” and simply going through the motions.

After only one month in his new venture, he knew his time in the corporate world have been a waste. The first year his winery produced 150 cases. This past year? 2,000. He ended up proposing to Kristen at the winery and they now produce seven vintage wines. The job actually means longer hours, Jamie said, but now he’s doing something for himself. Sounds like a great success story!


Today Show: New 2012 Baby Products.

Today Show: New 2012 Baby Products.

Today Show: Gretchen Rubin Financial Advice

Gretchen Rubin, author of “The Happiness Project”, dropped by the set of The Today Show to share with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb some Financial Advice that can help anyone in today’s economy.

Are you dissatisfied with your job? More and more people find themselves in this situation, but is it OK to leave? Given the perks of health benefits — especially for larger families — it’s best to find a happy median that avoids leaving your old job before a new one is in place. Most people need 6-9 months of savings in the bank to safely make that plunge. Try to overlap and start your next venture before completely cutting ties with your current job.


Studies show that finding some semblance of autonomy in your day to day work routine leads to more happiness. Even something as simple as taking time off to decorate your office can do the trick!

Today Show: 2012 New Baby Products

Check out the list of hot new baby products below:

Today Show: Skip Hop Bumper Free Crib Bedding Set

The Skip Hop 4-Piece Bumper Free Crib Bedding Set makes bumpers obsolete.

Today Show: Pura Stainless Kiki Infant Bottle

The Pura Stainless Kiki Infant Bottle includes a medical-grade silicon nipple and comes in various sizes.

Today Show: Jonathan Alder Skip Hop Diaper Bag

Check out this stylish Jonathan Alder Diaper Bag, complete with magnetic enclosures and eleven pockets.

Today Show: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Products

The Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Started Kit includes most of the Burt’s Bees products featured on The Today Show.

Today Show: Evoz Baby Monitor

The Evoz Baby Monitor includes a free iPhone or iPad app and will soon offer video in addition to the existing audio monitoring system.



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