Today Show: Fashion Makeovers & 2011 Kathie Lee & Hoda Recap


Today Show: Audience Makeovers

The Today Show gave a few lucky women the chance to enjoy New Years Fashion Makeovers.

Meet Kerry, a woman who wants to donate her hair to Locks for Love. Her daily routine: “If I remember to wash my face, I’m having a good day.” Her husband, giant beard and all, thought his wife deserved a treat. Kerry’s parents were also in town, and all three family members put blindfolds on in anticipation of the makeover.


Kerry walked out in a black and white dress and heels. Her hair was shortened and layered, with highlights around her face. Her Dad even got teary eyed! Her husband professed that she was a hard working woman and deserved a makeover. Job well done!

Today Show: Fashion Makeover

Next up, Jessica has been too busy taking care of own children to take care of herself. She was doing some holiday shopping with her step-mom and daughter when she was given the chance for a makeover. She has 3 jobs and 2 children – certainly deserving of a makeover.


Jessica walked out and her daughter immediately let out a big giggle before going into shock. She was wearing a form-fitting gold dress. Her hair was kept long but it was shaped around the face and lightened to make it appear softer. Also: a little glitter makeup for the New Year and open-toed shoes. Another great makeover!

2011 Kathie Lee & Hoda Highlights

Co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb certainly have had a fun year on set. The crew put together some highlights and shared a 2011 Kathie Lee & Hoda Recap with the audience.

Needless to say, a lot of the highlights showcased the two being somewhat inappropriate — at least for a 10am show. What were the co-hosts into? Wieners. Other humor involved Kathie Lee massaging Hoda’s feet (numerous times), while Kathie Lee proclaimed that Hoda was going to Florida for some “nookie” (something Hoda didn’t deny).

The highlights moved away from sexual innuendo and we saw Hoda asking her iPhone to call Kathie Lee, yet her phone was unable to find any info on the co-host. There was also plenty of dancing, singing, and just plain old acting crazy from the two co-hosts, who took every possible opportunity over the last year to dust off their dancing shoes.

A recap of 2011 on The Today Show wouldn’t be complete without a shot of giant wine and margarita glasses, enjoyed by both Kathie Lee and Hoda. I’m sure 2012 will bring much of the same antics for this likable duo! What were your favorite moments from the show’s 2011 episodes? Weigh in below at the comments section.


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