Today Show: Fashion Advice & “Awkward Family Pet Photos”


Today Show: New Years Fashion Advice

Need Fashion Advice for the New Year? Creators of Shopafrolic dropped by the set of The Today Show with some models for the occasion. Co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb fired off some different looks and the models were sent on stage to showcase some stunning looks for the audience and viewers at home.

First up, the co-hosts really wanted to see something casual, yet stylish. The look: pick a pair of bright colored pants to go with a white button down top. It’s fine for staying around the house but can also be used for going out. Keep the jewelry to a minimum.


The “party like a rock star” look featured queues from the movie Black Swan. Wear a neutral colored dress and spice it up with a glittery purse or other accessory. For a beach party, wear a colorful, festive dress and add some cream to give yourself a little color and avoid that pasty white look. Throw on a bold pair of earrings to really knock people’s socks off.

Today Show Awkward Family Pet Photos

A trip to the ski lodge can mean tight black leggings with sequins and either matching heels or boots, whatever the mood calls for. Up top: wear a light colored long-sleeve t-shirt and fur vest to look the part. Last but not least, those intimate dinner parties are asking for an all-white slacks and top ensemble with a bright bag and vibrant lip color to provide the contrast.


Today Show: “Awkward Family Pet Photos” Book

Authors Mike Bender and Doug Chernack joined the set to talk about their new book, “Awkward Family Pet Photos”. The book is full of dog pictures with the family, all of which are hilarious and typically involve a pet or family member in an awkward situation. Kathie Lee and Hoda were all laughs as a few of the pictures were shown to the audience.

One family apparently loves weird backdrops at the photo gallery and went with an alien abduction scene with their canine companions. Another picture showed a man with an Easter bunny, only his cat was sitting horrified on the bunny’s lap. My favorite picture was a family with a crew of monkeys wearing either overalls or dresses. The book may not make everyone’s top ten reading list for the New Year, but it definitely makes for a great coffee table addition! What is the funniest picture you have with your pet? Set up the scene and share it with others in the comments section below.


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