Today Show: Facelift Bungee & 2012 Hottest Workout Trends


Today Show: 2012 Products

The Today Show’s very own Bobbie Thomas showed Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a few hot retail products for the New Year.

Today Show: Facelift Bungee

First up: the Facelift Bungee. The small piece of cable attaches to a hair clip that you slip into your hairline. The bungee is then pulled taught — but not too tight, or it can get painful. The co-hosts were quick to point out the device hurt a little, so I’m not sure how much this product will catch on. The before and after photos were impressive, though!


Today Show: Body Conductive Musical Instrument

Next up: a Body Conductive Musical Instrument. Each person grips the corner of the device and you literally hit each other to produce musical beats.

Today Show: Japanese “Shouting Vase”

Today Show: 2012 Hottest Workout Trends

Today Show: 2012 Hottest Workout Trends

The Japanese “Shouting Vase” was a big hit on the set. Kathie Lee couldn’t get the hang of it, which caused quite a bit of laughter from the audience. You simply scream into the sound-proof canister and no one can hear anything!


Today Show: New York City Trash Art

The best product of the segment: New York City trash. Artist Justin Gignac literally turns the Big Apple’s trash into little boxes of art, which can be picked up for $50 a pop. Special events such as the World Series costs a whopping $100, for trash! He’s been selling out of his trash, so people are clearly into this new idea.

Today Show: Tipsee Wine Cork Light

Last but not least, a Tipsee Light for your wine bottle. It lights up whenever the bottle is tilted for all of that drinking in the dark!

Today Show: 2012 Hottest Workout Trends

Sara Haines of The Today Show dropped by some local gyms and came back with the 2012 Hottest Workout Trends. Check them out below:

Today Show: Figure 4

Figure 4, created by dancer Kate Albarelli, combines dance with fitness in a ballet-based workout that uses classic dance training, Pilates, yoga, and free weights. The high energy routine works the heart and body simultaneously for a toned and flexible body.

Today Show: Tabura Fitness

Tabura combines kickboxing with African dance for an absolutely crazy looking and intense workout routine. Drummers literally create a beat in the front of the class as the cardiovascular routine kicks into full gear. I really want to try this one out!

Today Show: Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga, one of the most ancient of its kind, “takes energy and swirls it up”, said the woman speaking with Sara. The term “kundalini” means untapped energy at the base of the spine and is often symbolized by a coiled snake. It’s only caught on in the Western world in recent years, but looks like a great way to stay in shape. The routines focus on breath and movement, while freeing the energy of the lower body and forcing it to move upwards.


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