Today Show: Billie Joe Armstrong Enters Rehab & Paris Hilton Apology


Today’s Buzz: Jason Kennedy Interview

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Jason Kennedy, host of E! News, to the studio to discuss Today’s Buzz, celebrity news and gossip you may have missed over the weekend, including 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards review, Lindsay Lohan sues pedestrian and Paris Hilton apologized for gay slurs.

2012 Primetime Emmy Awards: Host Jimmy Kimmel Review

Today Show: Billie Joe Armstrong Enters Rehab & Paris Hilton Apology

Kathie Lee & Hoda welcomed Jason Kennedy, who discussed Today’s Buzz including Billie Joe Armstrong enters rehab and Paris Hilton apologized for gay slurs.


Jason said he thought he was brilliant. He did a stunt where Tracy Morgan “passed out” in the middle of the show and had everyone tweet it out. It became a worldwide trend on Twitter and people were tuned in. He also had his parents escorted out during the show.

2012 Primetime Emmy Awards: Jon Cryer Wins

Jon Cryer won for Best Actor in a Comedy. Jason said he was walking the red carpet before the show and not being humble at all and saying he was not going to win this. This was the first time he was nominated in this category and he is normally in the Supporting Actor category and he was shocked during his acceptance speech.

2012 Primetime Emmy Awards: Homeland Cleans Up

Jason said Homeland was a freshman series and he is going to start watching it. They had six Emmy wins, including Outstanding Drama. He said he thought it would be Mad Men and it is always Mad Men. Damien Lewis and Claire Daines both won for Homeland, so it is the show to beat now.


Jason Kennedy: Billie Joe Armstrong Enters Rehab

Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer for Green Day, has checked into rehab. The iHeart Radio show took place over the weekend and Billie Joe went into a profanity-laced tirade because apparently his set got cut short. Jason said they never cut it short, but Billie Joe started smashing his guitar on set. He went into rehab for substance abuse and will be cutting some appearances out of his schedule. He did apologize for his tirade.

Jason Kennedy: Lindsay Lohan Suing Pedestrian

The pedestrian that was hit by Lindsay Lohan said that she was slurring her words and smelled like alcohol. Lindsay is upset and she may file a defamation lawsuit against this guy because it will keep her from working. Kathie Lee said the guy has no assets, so it is just to put everyone else on defense. If you lie about me, I’m going to sue you. Jason said the police on the scene said she was not drinking.

Jason Kennedy: Paris Hilton Apologized

Paris Hilton was in the back of a cab and said some derogatory statements about gay people and the cab driver taped it and sold the tape to the media. Jason said no one should be recorded like that, but she should really watch what she is saying and no one should say what she said. She has apologized and he said she is backpedaling big time.


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