Today Show: Airplane Hygiene, Spooning Sleep Position & Fitness Awards


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Airplane Sick Zone

Santa was nice enough to drop by the set of The Today Show and the two co-hosts, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, tasked him with ringing his bell whenever a gross subject was introduced. Let’s just say Santa was really busy in the opening minutes!

The show opened with a discussion about airplane hygiene. As it turns out, a two-seat radius is considered the danger zone for catching bacteria from other passengers. That means two rows behind, two rows in front, and essentially anyone in your aisle.


To make matters worse, the tray tables are seldom cleaned and experts suggest bringing your own antibacterial wipes before setting that tasty airplane meal down. Now for the really disturbing bit of information: one man had a terrible nose bleed and stuffed his dirty tissues into the backseat pouch for hours. Needless to say, these pouches aren’t cleaned. Santa was summoned to ring his bell and give some jolly “ho ho ho’s” to distract Kathie Lee and Hoda from this disturbing image. Word to the wise: stay clear of those pouches.

Today Show Airplane Germs

The news just kept getting worse. While most airlines wash their pillows and blankets at the end of every business day, they certainly can’t clean them in between flights. That blanket you’re wrapped in for an eight-hour flight across the Atlantic was probably wrapped around someone else just hours before you sat down. Queue another shot of Santa furiously ringing his bell to lighten the moment.


An interesting new phenomenon was also brought up – this time in the airports themselves. Both the airports in Philadelphia and Atlanta now offer pay-by-the-hour beds, typically for a $30 per hour fee. Needless to say, Kathy Lee was a little grossed out by the prospect of germs in these tiny booths. I’ve heard of sleeping capsules in Japan for workers on the go, but this is the first time I had heard of temporary sleeping quarters for travelers in the United States, short of those lucky enough to be a member in of those fancy frequent flier’s airline clubs at the airport.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Spooning Sleep Position

How do you sleep with your husband and wife, and what does that say about your relationship? Experts say that if you spoon, the roles are more traditional. In other words, the outside shields his or her partner from problems, while the inside is protected.

The “football” position, when two people face each other at opposite ends of the bed with only a foot touching, seems to be a more mutual arrangement. On the flip side, experts think the “tether ball” means you’re independent and tend to disagree. This position entails one person laying on their back and touching the other with a single hand.

Opposite sides of the bed and facing away from each other means distance and probably issues with the relationship. I’m not sure I agree – some people just need their space to fall asleep. Weigh in with a comment!

Today Show: Fitness Magazine Awards

Kathie Lee and Hoda quickly ran down the list of this year’s winners and seemed to agree with all of the awards.  Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry were picked for most inspiring bodies, while Jennifer Hudson won most inspiring transformation. Britney Spears nabbed the best comeback award and Lady Gaga needs a make under. I certainly agree with that last award!


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