Today Show: Advice: New Years Party Decor & Drink Recipes


Today Show: “Southern Living” Decor Advice

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman from Southern Living was kind enough to drop by the set of The Today Show to share some great New Years Party Decor and Drink Recipes Advice with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Today Show: New Years Party Decor

Today Show: New Years Party Decor & Drink Advice


The biggest key: repurpose things around the house that may have been used for Christmas or other holidays. You can easily turn an old holiday wreath into something new by painting it white to match the brightness of New Years. Also, add pears to floral arrangements, which takes up space and costs much less than adding more flowers around the house.

Today Show: Tic Tacs

Another quick New Years tip: style up your home or apartment and leave guest’s breaths smelling fresh with Tic Tacs. Simply place them in shot glasses around the rooms so people can discretely grab a handful before that big New Years kiss.

Chocolate Carving Station

For a great snack idea, lay out serving platters of chocolate with steak knives. People can simply carve off a small piece of hack off a large chunk based on their preferences at the moment. I’m sure many guests will keep coming back for more!


Also: have a small tree and place blank cards with ribbons beside the setup, along with a magic marker. Have guests write their New Years wishes onto the card and hang them from the branches. The theme can even be anonymous.

Today Show: Pear & Basil Drink Recipe

A great holiday drink recipe: simply mix pear vodka, pear nectar, and a hint of basil into a glass. Called a pear and basil sipper, both co-hosts only gave the drink a luke-warm reception, but it does sound worth a try.

Today Show: “Sweet Theme” New Years Party Decor

For a “Sweet Theme”, i.e. mostly pinks and red themes around the room, break red candlesticks to make plate stands. Simply place a plate on top of the new stands and throw on your favorite appetizers. Make sure to put out champagne and garnishes, the latter of which can be labeled by using corks and notecards.

Coat Hanger Masks

The best idea for the evening: place a mask on every coat hanger. As people enter the room and put their coats in the closet, the theme of the night is immediately set with their mask in tow.

It cannot be stressed enough. The key is repurposing! Old holiday ornaments can be places in flowers to add some sparkle. Turn virtually any Christmas decoration into New Years decor with some paint, glitter, and imagination!



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