Today Show: 2011 Celeb Fashion & American Drinking Habits


Today Show: American Drinking Trends

Across the United States, the preferred choice of alcoholic drinks varies by region. A new study by the Beer Institute looked at American Drinking Habits and found that people in the Midwest drink the most, while folks hailing from the South drink the least. New Hampshire and other Northeastern locales love their spirits, while the Midwest is all about beer. Cocktails are equally appreciated on both coasts. These trends certainly don’t seem very shocking. What do you think?

Kathie Lee & Hoda: 2011 Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Cindy Levy of Glamour Magazine dropped by the The Today Show for a 2011 Fashion Overview with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton both recycle clothes, which get two big thumbs up. The key is to mix it up by changing accessories and shoes. One outfit that Michelle Obama wears has followed her around since the campaign trail in 2008!


Bold Color Fashion

Bold colors are also a big hit, think Crayola colors like turquoise and purple. Braids also made a big surge this past year and became popular on the red carpet. Just make sure to spray braids to death or they won’t stay in place.

Today Show: American Drinking Trends

A few big no-no’s from 2011: don’t be too comfortable, i.e. the forever lazy blanket. Numerous shots of people walking around in a blanket-like garment made me agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment.


Big Hats Out Of Fashion

Big hats aren’t going to cut it in 2012! The fad started at the royal wedding, which is a perfect place for large hats – just not on the streets of New York City. Hoda and Kathie Lee donned large hats for Halloween, as the audience got a good laugh from the old October clips.

Today Show: Indoor Trampoline Gyms

The Today Show’s very own Sarah visited an Indoor Trampoline Gym and came away with rave reviews. Trampolines became mainstream after Tom Hanks in the movie “Big,” and now two decades later the fad has evolved into full gyms devoted to bouncing up and down. The gyms add plenty of padding and safety, making it perfect for both kids and adults!

Sarah enjoyed the main jump court, which consisted of a basketball goal and plenty of eager youths willing to outperform her. Needless to say, it took a few efforts before Sarah could make a basket.

The gym also offered giant pits with foam blocks, which were easy to dive into but hard to get out of! My favorite activities offered were extreme gymnastics and trampoline aerobics. Those two activities were causing the participants to break a sweat. Sarah also threw on a helmet for a rowdy game of dodge ball – an activity that never gets old.


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