Today: Hamster Trolls Policeman Video & Regis Philbin Joins FOX Sports


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Hoda’s Spa Trip

Today: Hamster Trolls Policeman Video & Regis Philbin Joins FOX Sports

Regis is returning to television in a new sports news show for FOX sports. (s_bukley /

Hoda took a trip to her favorite spa this weekend to get a good scrub and massage. She said she loves going for a full body exfoliation, but this time was a little more painful. She didn’t know how to tell the masseuse that she was hurting so she just kept quiet. Later, Hoda found scabs on her arms and needed to use Neosporin and bandages to cover up. She cautioned viewers to tell someone when they are doing something that hurts you. She didn’t want to hurt the masseuse’s feelings, but now she’s hurting.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Regis Goes To FOX Sports

Kathie Lee’s lifelong friend and ex-cohost Regis Philbin has a new job. He’s just signed a year deal with FOX sports to host an evening sports show. The show will air August through the Super Bowl. Kathie Lee said Regis turns 82 in August and he never really retired from television. Regis is just moving onto bigger and better things.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Hamster Trolls Policeman

The ladies’ new favorite YouTube video has a Russian guy driving down the road talking to his new gadget. It’s a toy that will repeat back to you whatever you say to it. He gets pulled over by a big, burly policeman with a deep voice and forgets to turn off the gadget. The toy, which is a tiny hamster with a squeaky voice, repeats everything the police officer says.

While it looks a little staged, it’s absolutely hilarious.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Batman Turns In Burglar

In London, a man dressed as a disheveled and overweight Batman turned in a burglar to the police. He promptly disappeared, but not before getting caught on surveillance tapes.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cave Man Diet

Hoda is very excited about a new diet out of England called “The Fast Diet.” For two days a week you fast and consume no more than 500 calories. On the other five days you eat normally, but stay health conscious. This shrinks your stomach and you want to eat less. Hoda called it the “Cave Man Diet.”

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Favorite Things

Kathie Lee chose the art of Anne H. Neilson, who paints beautiful angels and still lifes. Kathie Lee visited a gallery showing of Neilson’s work in Essex, Connecticut and got a copy of her book, Angels In Our Midst, for Hoda. The book is rather expensive, $70, but her still lifes are gorgeous. This would make an excellent present for Mother’s Day or a special birthday.

Hoda decided on a new lotion from Vaseline that you can spray on and then rub in. She said it is perfect for lazy people that don’t want to squirt lotion on their hands and then rub it in.

Sara Haines shared her nude lipstick of choice, MAC Peachstock. She said it’s a great nude lip that you can use to draw attention to your eyes.


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