KLG & Hoda: Spirituality & Stress Related & Low Expectations are Good


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Getting Rid Of Stress For Good

Everyone is living busy lives. Trying to make it to work on time, trying to eat healthy, making sure to exercise, picking the kids up from school, making dinner, cleaning the house and getting the other 200 things done you have to do everyday can make stress build up in anyone. Since it is stress awareness month, Kathie Lee and Hoda brought two experts on the show to go over the best ways to rid your life of stress.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Be Aware Of Stressful Thoughts

Valoria Burton, author of Successful Women Think Differently, said every woman needs to be aware of the stressful thoughts they think everyday. She said if you don’t even realize you are stressed out, it can sneak up on you. She said you always need to be aware of the things you think and the stress you feel so you can find the right time to deal with the stress.


KLG & Hoda: Spirituality & Stress Related & Low Expectations are Good

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with two experts about how spirituality is related to stress, how to lower stress and why lower expectations will make you happier.

Dale Atkins, author of Sanity Savers, said knowing your stressful thoughts will also allow you to see the bigger picture. It will allow you to focus on what needs to be focused on. You will be become less distracted and more willing to take on your stress.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Lower Expectations To Be Happier

According to Atkins, everyone has such high expectations for themselves and we need to lower those standards. Sometimes it is not going to be possible to do everything perfect all the time. She said a recent study has even suggested we feel better when we lower our expectations for ourselves and the people around us.


Kathie Lee said this was important in her life. She said she only realized it after her daughter was born and her daughter asked her where she was going. She told her somewhere urgent and her daughter asked if she was ever going to be urgent.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Spirituality Connected To Less Stress

Kathie Lee said whenever she is super stressed out, she has to pray. She said she prays for everything she can not handle herself or that she has no control over. If she never prayed, she said she would be a nutcase.

Atkins agreed that spirituality is important for reducing stress. Although it may not be the same for everyone, she said taking some time to yourself will be an immense stress reliever in your life. She also said it is important to take that time to focus on yourself so you know your abilities. People can change, meaning their abilities change and everyone needs to be aware of what they are capable of.

Kathie Lee said she does this every morning. She always gets up an hour earlier so she has time to herself every morning. It helps to calm her and it helps to start her day off on a good foot.


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