KLG & Hoda: Rihanna Hits Fan with Mic & Luke Bryan “Crash My Party”


Kathie Lee & Hoda: James Gandolfini Dies at 51

James Gandolfini died last night, June 19 2013, while on vacation in Italy with his son, from a heart attack. Kathie Lee and Hoda both gave their best to the family of Gandolfini and said it was a shame to talk about his passing especially since it was so sudden and out of the blue.

Edie Falco, Gandolfini’s co-star in The Sopranos, released a statement about him passing saying, “My heart goes out to this family. As those of us in his pretend one hold on to the memories of our intense and beautiful time together.”


Although Kathie Lee never met the actor, she said she did see him in God of Carnage, which both the co-hosts said was a brilliant show. She said she was surprised to see him so be so funny on the show.

Rihanna Hits Fan with Microphone for Grabbing Her

KLG & Hoda: Rihanna Hits Fan with Mic & Luke Bryan "Crash My Party"

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at video of Rihanna hitting a fan with a microphone and tried to guess the actors voice’s behind different commercials.
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Rihanna is in a little bit of hot water this morning after she clocked a fan with her microphone for grabbing her arm while she was in the crowd. The incident, which was caught on video, saw a fan grabbing Rihanna and her bodyguards doing nothing to get her arm free. Rihanna seemed to struggle to break free of the fan’s grip but after she couldn’t, she hit the fan with her microphone.


Kathie Lee seemed to think Rihanna should have known she was going to be grabbed at if she went out into the crowd like that. Kathie Lee even knows what it is like to be surrounded by so many people just trying to touch you. She reminisced about a time she went with Regis to Sun City for a show with mostly older people.

“They were in walkers and canes and chairs and it was the most terrifying. When they hug you they get you in a clinch and don’t let you go,” said Kathie Lee of the experience.

Neither Hoda Kotb or Kathie Lee said anything about whether or not they thought it was wrong for Rihanna to hit a fan. They just said the bodyguard should be reprimanded.

What do you think? Did she have a right to hit the fan for grabbing her? Let us know in the comments.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Play Name That Voice

Kathie Lee and Hoda played a game where they tried to guess the voice of the actor talking in different commercials but they were really bad at it. Did you know the actors below were associated with the commercials below?

  • Nationwide commercial – Julia Roberts. Hoda knew it right away.
  • American Airlines commercial – Jon Hamm but neither co-host got it correct.
  • Hyundai commercial – Jeff Bridges but it really didn’t sound like him at all.
  • Yoplait commercial – Lisa Kudrow was the final one but it really didn’t sound like her.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Exclusive Premiere of Luke Bryan “Crash My Party” Video

Kathie Lee and Hoda had the exclusive preview to Luke Bryan’s new music video, “Crash My Party,” which they showed a snippet of on the show.

Today: Watermelon Oreo for Summer Review

Oreo has come out with a new cookie for summer, a watermelon flavored cookie, but even sweets obsessed Hoda said she didn’t like the taste of the cookie.

iHoda Playlist – New Kids on the Block

Hoda’s new song of the week was “The Remix” by New Kids on the Block. Kathie Lee of course did not like the song.

“They will never be Rodgers and Hammerstein to me,” said Kathie Lee.

Is it Okay to Make Assistants Do Menial Tasks?

Kathie Lee and Hoda had opposite views on whether or not it was okay to make assistants to menial tasks. Kathie Lee said she doesn’t believe you should make an assistant do something you’re capable of doing unless you cannot do it for some reason. Hoda on the other hand said it is not okay.

“Hold your own umbrella and carry your own bag,” said Hoda.


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