KLG & Hoda: Lindsay Lohan on Late Night & Alex Cross Grounds Flight


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Max Lucado You’ll Get Through This Review

Max Lacado, a Christian writer who is friends with Kathie Lee, stopped by the fourth hour of the Today Show to hang out and I don’t think he knew he was going to be on camera. Kathie Lee sort of put him on the spot to ask about his new book, You’ll Get Through This, which should be released later this month.

Hoda said she is going to be reading the newest book because she loves how Lucado writes. She said the first book she read by him, which she couldn’t remember the name of, pulled her in with the first sentence. She said any writer who can make you feel emotion after just one sentence is a writer worth reading.


KLG & Hoda: Lindsay Lohan on Late Night & Alex Cross Grounds Flight

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at some clips from Lindsay Lohan on Late Night and talked about the United flight that had to be grounded because of Alex Cross. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Lindsay Lohan Interview With David Letterman

Lindsay Lohan was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night and she seemed to be caught off guard by a few of his questions. At first the interview was pretty friendly with Letterman asking her some questions and making fun of her past, but when he asked her what drugs she is addicted to she didn’t answer saying that was not in the pre-interview. She also told Letterman she thinks she is heading down a good path in her life because she is happy to be working again, adding that work is the only thing she really loves doing.

But Kathie Lee and Hoda were a bit skeptical of her “good path.” Just a few weeks ago she was under a DJ booth in Brazil and now she is saying she is heading down a good path? Kathie Lee said she has heard it before and she wants someone close to Lohan to take a hold of her and save her before she kills herself.


Plus, if you are that serious about getting on a good path in life, why go on David Letterman? Why not go to rehab early? Or maybe try to deal with everything else happening in your life and stay out of the limelight for a little while?

Kathie Lee & Hoda: United Flight Grounded Because Of Alex Cross

A United Airlines flight was grounded this past week because of the movie Alex Cross and it has left a bad taste in one family’s mouth.

The family of four was taking a flight to Baltimore when a movie came on during the flight. The movie was Alex Cross, a PG-13 rated movie that Kathie Lee said used the rating very loosely. The mother of the family, which includes a four and an eight-year-old, asked the flight attendant if she could flip the screen up in their aisle so her children didn’t have to watch. The flight attendant told her she could not and when the mother asked about the pilot turning off the movie, the flight was diverted for an emergency landing in Chicago.

When the plane landed, cops boarded the plane and escorted the family off the plane where they were taken for a background check and to be interviewed by a member of the FBI. United Airlines released a statement about the incident saying the crew reported a disturbance on the plane and the plane had to make an emergency landing. They also said the family was re-accommodated and the airline is looking at their in-flight entertainment schedule. Would you let your children watch Alex Cross if they were under 10?


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