KLG & Hoda: Jimmy Fallon Takes Over Tonight Show & Beyonce Commercial


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jimmy Fallon Hosting Tonight Show Next Year

In one the worst kept secrets of this year, it was revealed last night that Jimmy Fallon will be taking over for Jay Leno on the Tonight Show starting next February. This was obviously some pretty big news in late night television and everyone was talking about it.

Jimmy Kimmel had some fun with the news on his show by telling everyone he was going to be the new host of the Tonight Show before his producer revealed it was actually another Jimmy who got the job.


David Letterman also had something to say on the matter. He joked that he got a call from his mother saying that she heard the news about him not getting the Tonight Show hosting spot again.

KLG & Hoda: Jimmy Fallon Takes Over Tonight Show & Beyonce Commercial

Kathie Lee and Hoda found out Jimmy Fallon is taking over the Tonight Show, Beyonce has a new Pepsi commercial and Kathie Lee was on MTV this week. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Kathie Lee On Nikki and Sara Live

MTV must be trying to market to an older crowd because they brought Kathie Lee on Nikki and Sara Live for a pretty funny episode. The premise was that Nikki and Sara need to figure out who is going to be the single host because the network only wants one. In an effort to figure it out fairly, they play a game in the style of the Hunger Games, but low and behold Kathie Lee showed up and stole their show right out from underneath them.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Beyonce’s $30 Million Pepsi Commercial

Beyonce’s new Pepsi commercial is coming out today and Kathie Lee and Hoda had a sneak peek of the commercial, which she got $30 million to film and be the new spokesperson for the brand. It was a pretty good commercial showing all the eras of Beyonce by using footage from her earlier music videos.

I thought it was a pretty good video. It was a bit sexualized but Beyonce has some pretty awesome dance moves.

iHoda Playlist: “Drinking From the Bottle”

The latest song on iHoda Playlist is “Drinking From the Bottle” by Calvin Harris. Again, Kathie Lee hated the song, saying she was glad people who can not sing have found a way to make money in the music business.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Can You Diss Your Ex In Public?

Is it okay to diss your ex in public?

Kathie Lee and Hoda both agreed it is not a good idea to diss your ex with both of them saying you have girlfriends for venting.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Joy-Ful Cook Off

The Joy-Ful Cook Off segment will be starting soon and Kathie Lee and Hoda are asking people to submit their best recipes for a healthy lasagna. The top three recipes will be invited to the Today Show to make the recipe on air and the winning recipe will  be featured on the site.


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