KLG & Hoda: How to Lower Stress as a Mother – Start Weekly Routines


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Advice For Lowering Motherly Stress

Children can be the devil sometimes especially for overwhelmed mothers. From bedtime battles to bathroom bullying between the youngest and oldest, every mother has felt the stress of a chaotic household. But according to Amy McCready, author of If I Have to Tell You One Time, controlling your children is possible if you follow the steps to take.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Stop Trying To Be a Perfect Mother

KLG & Hoda: How to Lower Stress as a Mother - Start Weekly Routines

Kathie Lee and Hoda learned how mothers can lower their stress by getting their spouse to chip in, starting a weekly routine and teaching kids chores.


McCready’s first bit of advice was to lower your standards. She said women love to do everything perfect, but when it comes to raising children and being a mother, nothing is going to turn out perfect. She said mothers who try to be perfect increase their own stress levels as well as the stress levels for the rest of the family.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Start a Weekly Routine

McCready said the best way to get as close to perfect as you can be when being a mother is by making a weekly schedule. She said every family needs to have a routine they can follow every day to keep everyone on the same page during the morning, afternoon and night.

Jennifer Hartstein, author of Princess Recovery, said many mothers don’t have their routine in place this week because of spring break and that will mess up everything. If you let the kids sleep in every day of the break they are not going to want to get up for school when it ends. She advised against letting the kids sleep in late, and she said you need to stick to a routine, even if you are a little bit more lax during the break.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Least Stressed Mothers Get Help From Their Spouse

McCready said it is also important to get your spouse to step in and help you out. She suggested having family meetings once a week so everyone can talk about schedules for the upcoming week, everyone can air grievances about the last week and a weekly plan can be drawn up. She also pointed out that children who have more family time have been shown to develop better mentally and emotionally.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Teach Your Children Some Chores

Hartsteain said some mothers simply do too much for their children. She suggested teaching your children how to do some chores around the house so they can pitch in and help. She said in her house the motto the whole family runs by is “everyone contributes.” Teaching them chores also offers you more time to spend with your children as you teach them different tasks and it also gets you more organized and less frazzled.


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