KLG & Hoda: Dog Training Advice, Housebreak a Puppy & How to Teach Sit


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dog Training Advice

Now that Hoda has her new dog, which she named Blake, she wanted to learn how to train the dog. She invited renowned dog trainer Bill Burloni on the show to give her some pointers on training her new puppy, how to take care of the dog and he also gave her some advice on what to feed Blake.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dry Dog Food vs Wet Dog Food

The first thing Hoda wanted to know was what she needed to feed her new puppy. Burloni said it is best to feed dogs dry dog food because it is better for teeth. The dry dog food helps clean their teeth and it makes them stronger. He said it is best to look for all-natural ingredients in the food as well.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Puppy Play Room

KLG & Hoda: Dog Training Advice, Housebreak a Puppy & How to Teach Sit

Kathie Lee and Hoda got dog training advice for her dog Blake, learned how she can housebreak the new puppy and how to teach the dog to “sit” and “come.”

Burloni said Hoda is also going to need a puppy play room for Blake such as a cage. He said a cage offers the puppy somewhere to call home, it helps with house breaking and it gives you a place to put the puppy when you need some time alone and don’t want the little dog chewing up the furniture.

The dog will also need toys to play with in his puppy play room or cage. Burloni suggested buying hard toys for the dog so they don’t chew them apart too quickly. He also uses a Kong toy which he stuffs with treats because it will keep a dog occupied for hours.


Hoda had heard she shouldn’t take a little dog such as Blake on the streets of New York City for a walk but Burloni said that is not true. As long as the puppy has his vaccination shots, then he is safe on the streets.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cleaning Up a Doggie Mess

Burloni said it is inevitable that the dog will make some kind of a mess eventually. He suggested using Arm and Hammer to remove odors. And while she is out getting cleaning supplies, Burloni said Hoda needs to buy a brush for the puppy as well.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Training Dogs To “Sit” and “Come”

Burloni also demonstrated how Hoda can teach the dog it’s name using tricks. He said every time she calls his name and he comes to her, she needs to give him a treat. And when training a dog to sit or come, Burloni said it is key to say the dog’s name before every single command, and when they follow the command, give the dog a treat as a reward.


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