KLG & Hoda: Do You Get Enough Sleep, Memoto & Clever Bug Cards Review


Do You Get Enough Sleep? Quiz

KLG & Hoda: Do You Get Enough Sleep, Memoto & Clever Bug Cards Review

Kathie Lee has a problem sleeping through the night. She said she hasn’t slept well in years. Also, keep in touch with your family with Clever Bug cards.

Kathie Lee Gifford said that she had a rough night last night. Frank Gifford had a cold and was snoring like crazy and her dog kept farting, further proving stars are just like us. We’re supposed to get seven to eight hours a night, but something always keeps us up at night. Hoda Kotb said she needs sleep like she needs food. She gets very angry without sleep and without food.


Kathie Lee said that lack of sleep probably what causes road rage. Hoda said she wants to look the guy in the eye that cuts her off in traffic and give him the death glare. Little things that are morally wrong are not right.

Do you sleep through the alarm clock or hit snooze? Do you need caffeine? Do you experience a mid afternoon slump? Do you turn down social engagements? Do you fall asleep within five minutes of hitting the pillow? If you answered yes to any of those, you might be sleep deprived.

Summer Solstice Facts & Cocktails

“When the northern hemisphere tilts toward the sun” you get the summer solstice. Kathie Lee and Hoda had to correct a guest who described the winter solstice (when the earth is closest to the sun) as the summer solstice.


Bobbie Thomas: Clever Bug Cards, Memoto, Nicely Noted Review

Fresh from her honeymoon, Bobbie Thomas looked fresh in a floral dress. The wedding got family on the mind, so she started looking up ways to connect they all left the reception. She found greeting cards from Clever Bug. You can send the person a virtual card and then they will get the paper copy in the mail a few days later. You can customize cards with your favorite photos and plan ahead for people’s birthdays and anniversaries. They will mail the card when you want it to be sent.

Bobbie considered wearing a memoto camera on her wedding day. It’s a camera that just clips on your shirt and then takes photos all day long. It’s a little pricey, $279, and I worry that you would forget it on your shirt and then send it through the wash.

Nicely Noted is another way to keep in touch and spread the love. For $18 they will send you a monthly pack of stationary and cards to remind you to write to your family and friends. This is a super great idea because it’s bringing back the love of snail mail.


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