KLG & Hoda: Did Kim Kardashian Name Her Baby Kaidence Donda West?


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Danielle Bradbery Wins The Voice Season 4

Danielle Bradbery was named the winner of season 4 of The Voice last night, June 18 2013, which means Kathie Lee guessed right when she wrote the young woman’s name down the other day. Kathie Lee Gifford said she figured Bradbery would win because she reminded her of a Carrie Underwood type singer. And at the young age of 16, she has a lot to look forward too in her life.

“You can already feel she is going to be a standout,” said Hoda Kotb


But winning The Voice might not be that big of a deal. Can you remember any of the previous winners from the show? Kathie Lee and Hoda couldn’t.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Producer Dressed Up Like Cher

The other day, Kathie Lee and Hoda were told by one of the producers she would dress up in her Cher costume after she went to see Cher perform live for the first time in the past five years. Well, she made good on her promise and came into the studio in an all Cher outfit, complete with a Cher-esque wig.

KLG & Hoda: Did Kim Kardashian Name Her Baby Kaidence Donda West?

Kathie Lee and Hoda heard rumors that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are naming their baby Kaidence Donda West.
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Kathie Lee and Hoda wanted to know what Cher was like in person and the producer, who is also the founder of the International Cher Fan Club, said she is an amazing, fabulous person.

You can pick up Cher’s latest album, Closer to the Truth, when it debuts this September.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jimmy Fallon and Brad Pitt Yodeling Over NYC

Kathie Lee and Hoda looked at a funny clip from Jimmy Fallon where he and Brad Pitt are on the top of two different skyscrapers in New York city yodeling to each other.

If you haven’t seen this clip, you might want to look it up on YouTube.

“That was perfect,” screamed Hoda when she heard it.

Kim Kardashian Baby Name – Kaidence Donda West

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about Kimye’s baby and the newest rumor is saying the couple have named their baby Kaidence Donda West, although no one from the Kardashian camp has confirmed the name.

Kathie Lee and Hoda thought it was a pretty unique name but when you compare it to other celebrity baby names, it isn’t that strange at all. Check out the top three strangest names celebrities have given to their children:

  • John Mellencamp son – Speck Wildhorse Mellencamp
  • Penn Jillette daughter – Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette
  • Jason Lee son – Pilot Inspektor Lee

GQ Magazine Unique Names Naming Etiquette Guide

None of those names would have fit into the criteria GQ recently came up with when they wrote an article detailing the etiquette of giving your child a unique name. Some of the criteria for naming a child, according to them, is not making up a new name out of the blue and do not pick a name that sounds cool like Ace, Duke or Rock.

“Ace seems like you would be a winner in life,” said Hoda who also didn’t agree with the rules of etiquette.

Kathie Lee said Regis was always pushing her to name one of her children after him but she refused. Finally she adopted a dog and named the dog Regis.

On a little side note, Kathie Lee revealed Regis’s full name. It is Regis Xavier Philbin.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Wine Glasses For Sale

Through out the show Kathie Lee and Hoda were drinking out of new wine glasses, both of which were Kathie Lee and Hoda Today Show wine glasses that can be bought on their website.


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