KLG & Hoda: Balloon Easter Eggs, Glitter Eggs & Carrot Pen Craft Idea


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Easter Craft Ideas For Children

Keeping the kids occupied while you get ready to host Easter dinner is something every mother struggles with. Family Fun magazine Editor, Mary Giles, had an ample amount of crafts you could give your children to do while you prepare dinner.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Strings Of Spring Garden

Strings of Spring Gardens are really easy and really fun for children to make. Simply use the plastic Easter eggs that seem to accumulate all around the house this time of the year and paint cute bunny faces on the eggs. Next, use some cotton to make ears and a cotton tail. Now string a piece of wire through the hole on the top and bottom of the plastic egg and hang them around your house.


KLG & Hoda: Balloon Easter Eggs, Glitter Eggs & Carrot Pen Craft Idea

Kathie Lee and Hoda learned some new crafts to keep kids occupied during Easter by letting them make carrot pens, glitter Easter eggs and painted balloon eggs.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Easter Egg Balloons

Easter eggs and balloons look pretty similar. Giles said if your kids have colored all the eggs already and want to keep making colorful creations, she suggested blowing up balloons and asking the children to paint the balloons like Easter eggs.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: How To Make Paper Mache Carrot Pens

Paper mache carrot pens are the coolest craft idea Giles had. To make some carrot pens you need to wrap foil around a pen and form it into the shape of a carrot. Next, use 1/2 cup flour and 3/4 cup water to make the paper mache mix. Dip newspaper in the paper mache and form it around the foil, leaving the tip of the pen exposed. When it dries, paint it orange and use some parsley for the top of your new carrot pen.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Glitter Dot Eggs Review

To make glitter dot eggs all you need is some glue and some glitter. Put small globs of glue on parts of the egg and then dip the egg in some glitter. Use a paint brush to knock off the excess glitter.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Diver Dude Easter Eggs

If you want to take a more surrealist approach to Easter crafts, Giles suggested making diver dudes, little eggs that look like they are going diving in a glass of water.

To make the diver dudes, slip a rubberband around an egg. This is the strap for the snorkel mask. Next, complete the mask by using a white bottle cap for the mask. Glue the bottle cap on the egg and color in two eyes. Then, glue a straw on the mask to complete the snorkel. For the feet, use craft foam cut into the shape of shoes and glue them to the bottom of the egg. Finally, place the diver dude in a glass so it looks like he went swimming.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Feather Easter Egg Holders

Sometimes a beautiful Easter egg needs a beautiful place to sit as well. To make feathered Easter egg holders, simply cut the egg cartons into 12 sections and use the sections as holders. Color a small peak on the carton section, add some colorful feathers and place your egg inside the carton section for safe keeping.


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