Kathie Lee & Hoda: Reward Kids with Stickers, Praise for Overachieving


Kathie Lee & Hoda: How To Motivate Kids To Do Chores

Motivating a child to do chores can be more difficult than heart surgery sometimes. Parents oftentimes relent to the crying and whining, using candy, money or other incentives to get their children to do what is expected of them. But is that the best way to get your child to do something? Should you reward them for doing what is already expected of them? According to some experts, there are better ways to parent your children.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Don’t Teach Children To Chase the “Carrot”

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Reward Kids with Stickers, Praise for Overachieving

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with two experts who explained why rewarding children with money is not a good idea and why using stickers is a better idea.


Stacy Kaiser, host of Fatal Vows, said we need to stop teaching our children to chase the “carrot.” Sometimes parents need to take the path of least resistance with their children, meaning they offer the child a “carrot.” While it may be okay to do sometimes, Kasier said you are just teaching the child to chase the “carrot.” You are not teaching them that sometimes there is not going to be a reward because chores are expected to be done.

Family therapist Argie Allen added that we need to teach our children responsibility. She said we need to stop rewarding our children for the things we expect them to do, like chores.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Do Not Give Money For Good Grades

According to Kaiser, there are times to reward children, like when they get straight A’s on their report card. She did advise against giving children money for getting A’s though. She said they are expected to get good grades and you do not want to reward them for every A when the rest of the report card may be horrible. She also reminded parents that there are other alternatives to give as rewards, such as sleepovers or special movie nights.


Kaiser said if the children are younger, give them stickers. Little kids love stickers and by rewarding them for good behavior, you can build their confidence and self-esteem. Don’t give it to them to make them start being good though. Only give out stickers when they are being good.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Celebrate Individuality With Stickers

Both the experts did not like this new trend of treating every child the exact same and teaching them there are no losers.

Kaiser said we shouldn’t lie to our children by telling them they are all the same. We should celebrate the individuality of the children. When they do great at something, let them know they did great but also show them things they can improve on as well.


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