Kathie Lee & Hoda: Oblivion & 42 Review & Do Not See Scary Movie 5


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Reel Moms Movie Reviews

Kathie Lee and Hoda know all the moms watching their show want to know what movies they can bring their kids to, so they brought on some Reel Mom Critics to go over the best and worst movies out this weekend.

The panel of critics consisted of Entertainment Weekly writer, Jessica Shaw, a mother of two, Robin Moreno, a new mother, and Nichelle, a mother and founder of StyleMom.


Oblivion Wouldn’t Be As Good Without Tom Cruise

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Oblivion & 42 Review & Do Not See Scary Movie 5

Kathie Lee & Hoda looked at some of the movies out this weekend and talked with some Reel Mom Critics about which movies are family friendly, like Oblivion.
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Tom Cruise is in the new movie Oblivion, a sci-fi thriller about Cruise being one of the last men left on Earth after aliens ravaged the planet.

While the movie is rated PG-13, all the moms agreed this is a fine movie for any child over the age of 10. They said the whole family will appreciate the cinematography, done by the same cinematographer who worked on Life of Pi, and every mother is going to love the numerous scenes with a shirtless Tom Cruise.


All the mothers seemed to think the movie was just so-so, with Shaw pointing out if Tom Cruise was not in the movie it would have been a dud. As for the violence, Nichelle said Cruise carries a huge gun around during most of the movie but there is a minimal amount of violence towards actual people.

Talk With Kids Before Seeing 42

Another movie making a big splash in theaters recently is the Jackie Robinson movie, 42.

“This is a coming of age story,” Nichelle said. “It is about how you see yourself and how you motivate yourself to be your best.”

This historically accurate movie was one of the Reel Moms’ favorite movies to come out recently, but they noted the historical factor of the movie can be disturbing for some children.

They pointed to one particular scene where Jackie Robinson runs out on the field and everyone is booing him and calling him terrible names. The scene then cuts to a boy in the stands with his father who looks very scared at all the people yelling. When he looks to his father for comfort, he see his father yelling racial slurs so he begins to yell them as well.

Shaw said it is important to talk with your kids before you see this movie. They need to understand that the movie can be educational but they also need to be aware they could hear words they should never say.

Do Not Go See Scary Movie 5

They had about 30 seconds to discuss Scary Movie 5 but none of them needed all that time. They all said the movie was terrible, not scary and not funny.

“It starts with Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in bed together. That is all you need to see before you should leave,” Shaw said.


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