Kathie Lee & Hoda: Healthy Ball Park Food & Facebook Organ Donation


Madelyn’s Food Fight: Ball Park Food Quiz

Junk food and baseball games go hand-in-hand, just like buttered popcorn and a trip to movie theater. But what if you’re trying to eat healthier this summer? There’s no reason you can’t enjoy America’s favorite past time and make better food choices at the same time.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Healthy Ball Park Food & Facebook Organ Donation

Kathie Lee & Hoda took a ball park healthy eating quiz.


Kathie Lee and Hoda took a Ball Park Food Quiz with Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Show diet and nutrition editor. As usual, things got a little competitive, although Hoda eventually claimed the win.

  • Q: Which has less calories: 6 ounces of Cracker Jacks or 6 ounces of peanuts?
  • A: Cracker Jacks! They contain 600 calories, while peanuts have 1,000 calories.
  • Q: How many grams of fat do 6 ounces of peanuts contain?
  • A: 100 grams, although the fat is heart healthy.

Today Show: Soda Vs Lemonade Calories

  • Q: True or False: It’s possible to buy veggies and hummus at a ball park.
  • A: True, although only a handful of ball parks have them.
  • Q: Which 16 ounce drink contains 200 calories: lemonade, cola, or a smoothie?
  • A: Cola.
  • Q: How many calories does a 16 ounce draft beer contain?
  • A: 200 calories.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Hots Dogs Vs Nachos Calories

  • Q: If 100 calories is a mile, how many miles would you have to walk in order to burn off a brisket sandwich?
  • A: Nine miles.
  • Q: How many plain hot dogs are equal in calories to a plate of nachos?
  • A: Four.

Find A Kidney Central Kidney Donations

Today Correspondent Kyle Michael Miller later shared the incredible story of an Indiana mom who is helping save lives all over the country. It all began when Leah discovered Jerry Wilde on Facebook, a man in desperate need of a new kidney. Doctors told Jerry that he had less than a 9% chance of finding the right match.


While Leah wasn’t a match for Jerry, she did create the Facebook page Find a Kidney for Jerry, which ended up saving his life. It was on Facebook that Jerry found Becky Melton, whose kidney was the perfect match. Now, Leah runs Find a Kidney Central, a Facebook page that helps connect organ donors and recipients from all across America.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Facebook Organ Donation

Kathie Lee & Hoda then spoke with David Fleming, President and CEO of Donate Life America. David said that social media has helped spread the word regarding organ donation, living donations in particular.

If you’d like to get involved and potentially even save a life, all you need to do is visit your Facebook page. Head to the time events section and click “health and wellness organ donor” to register in your state.


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