Kathie Lee & Hoda Goats, Kid Celebrity Look-Alikes & Unwined Candles


Today Show: Mother’s Day Plans

Hoda and Kathie Lee announced on their May 10th 2013 show that it was only two days until Mother’s Day. The two women discussed their plans for the big holiday. Some of Hoda’s family will fly in from Egypt, but Kathie Lee’s plans were more low key. “Frank and I will sit around a look at each other,” Kathie Lee joked, referring to her husband.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Goats

Kathie Lee & Hoda Goats, Kid Celebrity Look-Alikes & Unwined Candles

Kathie Lee & Hoda goats met their namesake hosts on the Mother’s Day show.


On their Mother’s Day episode, Kathie Lee and Hoda got to meet some really great “kids!” Victoria Marr of the Stamford Museum and Nature Center in Connecticut surprised them by bringing by two baby goats born at the nature center. After their birth, their names were put up to a popular vote and Kathie Lee and Hoda were the names that won out.

Kathie Lee and Hoda both held their respective goats, and it was clear they were in love with these adorable animals. The goats even had some of the same characteristics as their namesakes. Victoria said Hoda the goat is playful and hilarious, while Kathie Lee the goat is fearless. Kathie Lee exclaimed, “This is better than the Hot 100!” It was certainly hard to part with such cute animals.

Today Show Celebrity Look-Alikes: Martha Stewart & Hillary Clinton

What do you get when a talented photographer, a couple cute kids, and a love of celebrities? Photographer Tricia Messeroux’s project Toddlewood. Messeroux dresses toddlers like our favorite celebrities, recreating photos of people such as Michelle Obama, waving in front of an American flag, and Martha Stewart, cutting a pie in her kitchen.


She has re-created photos from the red carpet to movie posters using her pint-sized models. Kathie Lee and Hoda were treated to mini-sized versions of famous women for their Mother’s Day show. Eartha Kitt, Hilary Clinton, and Beyonce were among the stars that got the toddler treatment. Kathie Lee and Hoda were certainly impressed, and even thought it a bit uncanny.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Mother’s Day Gifts

On Kathie Lee and Hoda’s Mother’s Day episode, gifts were a big topic. Last minute gifts don’t have to be cheap or thoughtless, as Bobbie Thomas showed us.

If you’re working on a budget, a rotating photo cube from QVC is a lovely, beautiful gift Mom will cherish. The cube’s main draw is it’s ability for customization: you can change the photos so the six sides can stay current.

Today Show: Papaya & Unwined Candles Review

Mother-daughter art company Papaya provides cute, unique art on items such as bags and cards.

Finally, Bobbie shared a gift appropriate for Kathie Lee and Hoda: candles made from recycled wine bottles. They can be found online at UnwinedCandles.com.


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