Hoda’s Birthday Song Lyrics by Kathie Lee: I Wanna Hoda on Your Kotb


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Favorite Movies Of The ’80s

There is a new survey out in the UK asking film lovers what their favorite movies of the ’80s were, and many chose adventure movies over all else. Kathie Lee chose Princess Bride and Out Of Africa. Hoda’s picks were Dirty Dancing and Dead Poets SocietyHow can you not love Dead Poets Society? Anyhow, the favorite kid’s movie from the ’80s was E.T. Mine are definitely Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.

Hoda’s 49th Birthday Surprise

Favorite Movies Of The '80s, Hoda's 49th Birthday, & Pirate Jokes

In her list of favorite movies of the ’80s, Hoda chose Dirty Dancing. (Featureflash / Shutterstock.com)


In honor of Hoda’s 49th birthday, Kathie Lee wrote a song with David Friedman and performed it for Hoda in a video that was just…spectacular. The show tune was probably the most epic, all-encompassing, thing you will probably ever see on any Today Show ever in the history of ever.

When Was Hoda Kotb Born?

Hoda was feeling pretty down about almost being 50 (her birthday is August 9, 1964), but she was alright with it, knowing that next week, Kathie Lee will be turning 60. All of the gifts she was being showered with, including a video message sent personally from Blake Shelton (her favorite man ever), didn’t hurt, either.

Kathie Lee’s Birthday Song Lyrics for Hoda

Here are some of the lyrics from Kathie Lee’s birthday song for Hoda, just to give you a taste of how hilarious it was:


Hoda woman, princess of the nile
Hoda woman, your warmth your wit your smile
Your like no other woman
No one can compare
Who else can compete

and of course the chorus line:

I wanna Hoda on your Kotb, yeah, yeah!

Kathie’s Friday Funny: Pirate Joke

As is traditional on Friday, it was time for Kathie’s Friday Funny. A man takes a seat next to a pirate with a wooden leg, a hook, and an eyepatch. The man says, “I have to ask, what happened to your leg?” The pirate gets a sad look on his face and begins telling the tale of a fierce sea battle, in which his leg was hit by a cannon ball. The man replies, “That’s incredible! Is that how you lost your hand, too?” The pirate say, “No!” and starts telling another tale of a swashbuckling sword fight that took his hand.

Now, the man, who is, by this point, absolutely transfixed by the captain, can’t help but ask, “Well, what happened to your eye?” The pirate exclaims, “Well, a flock of seagulls flew over me ship. I turned my head skyward, and a dropping fell right in me eye! Arrrrgg.” The man laughs and says, “That’s not true, you couldn’t have lost your eye because of seagull poop.” The pirate looks at the man and goes “Arrrgg! It was me first day with the hook.”

Johnson’s Baby of the Week Announcement on Kathie Lee & Hoda

The following babies were picked for this week’s Johnson’s & Johnson’s Baby of the Week Announcement on the Today Show:

Baby Tyler Lincoln Tarolli was born June 15, 2013 and just started smiling.

Baby Paris Ciare Love Jones was born on June 28, 2013 born in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Baby Lincoln Jefffrey Petersen was born on June 21, 2013 and loves his baths!

And of course, Hoda Kotb was born on August 9, 1964 in Norman, Oklahoma.


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