Today Show: Winter Advice: Party Themes & Staying Happy


Today Show: “The How of Happiness”

Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of “The How of Happiness”, dropped by the set of The Today Show to give Winter Advice on Staying Happy and Party Themes with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Today Show: Beating Winter Unhappiness

Your state of mind can change easily, Sonja said, as research shows a great deal of happiness is under our control. Embrace the little things — listen to our favorite music, drink orange juice, play catch with your kids, etc. You can only be as happy as your least happiest child!


Today Show Cocktail Exchange

Today Show Cocktail Exchange

Today Show: Winter Party Themes

Pick a theme and throw a fun party. Have you had a margarita when it’s cold outside? Have a summer party in the winter, or pick a color-themed party. Blue is a great color to choose, complete with blueberry mojitos and blue m&m’s.

Cocktail Exchange Party

Another idea: a cocktail exchange. Every guest brings something in a bag, then draw names and everyone gets another bag to make their own new, exciting drink. Limit it to simple cocktails, three ingredients or less (for budget considerations).


Also, a sweets-themed party with hot chocolate to steam things up on a cold day. Add pound cake and other goodies.

One more idea: a potluck party with a twist. Pick an ingredient and have everyone bring a dish with that ingredient.

Today Show: Career Changer Success Story

Meet Janis, who at 49 years old realized teaching piano lessons was not going to give her family the income they needed. Her passion was in piano, as she has a bachelors and masters degree in piano performance — feeling that playing piano as a hobby is much better than playing video games. However, her husband had job issues and she was forced to change her plans. To make matters even worse, her child Holly was born premature and had to stay in hospital for 11 weeks. During that time, she had a lot of contact with the staff, who asked many times if she was a nurse. She wasn’t (at the time), but quickly decided she should go for it. It took her two years to get her degree and she now works in a mental health department.

Today Show: Career Change Advice

Financial aid programs or community colleges can give middle-aged people options, much like they can for the typical 18 to 22 year olds. Janis picked nursing, which is a hot commodity. It’s always smart to pick a profession in need, experts say. You also need a gut feeling and passion — along with common sense. Since changes don’t always turn out to be the magic you hoped for, have a backup plan and know at the very least, you tried and won’t have regrets.


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