Today Show: Taylor Kinney Dating Lady Gaga & ‘Chicago Fire’ Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Taylor Kinney Interview

Taylor Kinney plays a brash and heroic lieutenant on the blazing hot new drama Chicago Fire. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Taylor Kinney to talk about his new show and his relationship with Lady Gaga.

Today Show: Taylor Kinney Chicago Fire Review

Today Show: Taylor Kinney Dating Lady Gaga & 'Chicago Fire' Review

Taylor Kinney dating Lady Gaga? The actor talked to Kathie Lee and Hoda about his new show and high profile relationship with pop star Lady Gaga.


He is not only fighting fires, but he is battling his own demons and an addiction to painkillers. He said that him and Jesse Spencer have a lot of tension between their two characters, but they are pretty good buddies off-set. It is a complicated storyline and it is evolving.

Taylor said you do your best to represent the city of Chicago and the firefighters and paramedics. They have advisors on-set to know how to do it right. Taylor said it is his dream job and is having fun.

Taylor Kinney: Theater in College

Taylor said that he got into theater while in college. He said it was the one thing that held his interest outside of the classroom. He always had ambition and energy, but it kind of just happened. He still loves to get up on stage, but he has done TV and movies as well.


Watch Taylor Kinney talk about his relationship with Lady Gaga right here:

Taylor Kinney Dating Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga tweeted out to watch the show and he said it is nice and she is a girlfriend excited and has been to the set a couple times. Kathie Lee wondered how they see each other with her on a world tour and him in Chicago. Taylor said she hasn’t said anything, but she has a spaceship and can get to A and B pretty quickly. He said it is just normal between the two of them, which Kathie Lee said that is the first time Lady Gaga was described as normal. For whatever reason, it works and he is happy.


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