Today Show: Raw Food Diet, Gwen Lawrence & “Fit Body Yoga”


Today Show: Raw Food Diet

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb continued their week of showcasing career change success stories, this time with a woman who turned a Raw Food Diet into a thriving business.

Meet Shari Leidich, a mother who was diagnosed with MS seven years ago. Before long, she was unable to use her fingers or even hold her child and conventional medicine was not doing the job. Shari started researching and soon combined massage therapy with a raw food diet. The results were evident, but she became frustrated at the lack of options available in supermarkets — at which point she had her idea to start a business.


Luckily, her husband was fully employed at the time and could support Shari during the pursuit of her new dream. Sure enough, she began to successfully distribute raw foods to grocers and has created a large network that affords many people a chance to enjoy the benefits of a raw food diet.

Today Show: Gwen Lawrence & Fit Body Yoga

Today Show: Gwen Lawrence & Fit Body Yoga

For those that don’t know, a raw food diet is simply limiting yourself to foods that haven’t been cooked over 40 degrees Celsius (give or take). Kathie Lee and Hoda were quick to point out that pros and cons exists, as dietitians are the best source for determining the diet best for you.


Today Show: Fit Body Yoga

Gwen Lawrence, star of the fitness DVD “Fit Body Yoga”, dropped by the set for a few yoga demonstrations with The Today Show’s Sara Haines.

“Fit Body Yoga”: Extended Arm Triangle

The extended arm triangle essentially takes your arms over your head to form a triangle (or the letter “A” in the YMCA chant). With your legs spread apart at shoulder length, you simply bend to one side as far as you can go, then rise back up and bend to the other side. You can start out going left or right, whichever you prefer.

“Fit Body Yoga”: Toe Balance

Next up, the toe balance keeps the arms in the same triangle shape, but this time you are squatting down on your feet. Rise up and point towards the ceiling, getting up on your toes before lowering yourself back down to the floor. It’s essentially the yoga version of a squat, for anyone who also frequents the gym.

“Fit Body Yoga”: Face Down Shoulder Stretch

Last but not least, the face down shoulder stretch is virtually impossibly to explain but added a little bit of hilarity to the show. Kathie Lee and Hoda joined in, as all three women laid down on mats with one arm flung out to the side. The other arm is supposed to be tucked under the body before you perform a crazy twist maneuver — seemingly straight out the Twister game playbook. Needless to say there were failures all around and Gwen ended up giving Hoda a back massage. Not a bad way to end the show!


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