Today Show: Randy Jackson Take Diabetes To Heart & ‘American Idol’


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Randy Jackson Interview

Randy Jackson is best known for the eleven seasons he was a judge on the hit singing competition American Idol, but in his private life he has had to analyze something completely different. After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the music industry icon is touring the country to help Americans commit to a diabetes-friendly lifestyle through a campaign called Take Diabetes To Heart. He sat down with the ladies to discuss this initiative.

Randy Jackson: Take Diabetes To Heart

Today Show: Randy Jackson Take Diabetes To Heart & 'American Idol'

Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Randy Jackson, who talked about his Take Diabetes To Heart campaign and his status on American Idol.


He was diagnosed in 2003 and one of the reasons why he teamed up with this campaign is because there is not awareness out there because he did not know he had it. He thought he had a cold or something because he was getting the sweats and thirsty and couldn’t quench it and tired all the time, but he wound up in the emergency room.

His dad had it, but you always think it could happen to someone else and not you. He said there is no cure for it, but you can always manage it with your doctor or health care provider.

Randy said people with Type 2 diabetes are at higher risks for other diseases, like heart disease and strokes. He said he had to get his weight together, his diet together and he had to start moving. He said he was not really exercising and eating poorly. He was 350 pounds at the time.


Randy Jackson: American Idol Status

We know that Mariah Carey is in as judge on American Idol and Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are out,  but what is up with Randy Jackson? He said Idol is an amazing show and Mariah is going to bring a lot of excitement. Randy said let’s just see what will happen, but he is not sure who else is confirmed.


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