Today Show: Michael Feinstein & Sea World Animal Performance


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Sea World Animals Perform

Co-hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda enjoyed an up close and personal Sea World Animal Performance on the set of The Today Show.

First up, a cockatoo said hello to the audience and nodded its head when asked if it was a smart bird. No arguments here! The bird also loves to decorate Christmas trees, and showcased her talents by putting candy canes on The Today Show’s very own tree. Needless to say, Kathie Lee and Hoda were rather amused.


Two otters, part of the smallest otter species in the world, were brought on set to dig into some gifts. Their incentive: fish, peanuts, and animal toys had been packed inside. Hoda was given pieces of fish for some feeding fun and Zander quickly devoured his morsel. Buffy – the other otter – was too preoccupied with his presents to give Hoda any attention until the fish was in midair. Sure enough, he snatched the piece of meat out of the air and went back to his gift opening.

Today Show Sea World Animals Performance

Suddenly, two birds flew at Hoda. One landed on top of her head and the other on her shoulder. As it turned out, the birds were supposed to land on the tree but missed their mark. Kathie Lee joked that Hoda’s head was just too big to turn down, which got some laughter from the crew. The South American were on the small side but absolutely brilliant, with bright colors of yellow, green, and orange.


Last but certainly not least, a real live reindeer ambled onto the set. Named Nick, he simply sniffed at the floor and didn’t seem excited about the whole situation. Everyone was quick to point out his giant hoofs. They certainly were impressive!

Today Show: Last Minute Gifts

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Kathie Lee & Hoda: Michael Feinstein Performance

Five-time Grammy winner Michael Feinstein visited the set and performed “I’ve Got My Love To Keep You Warm”. His new CD, “The Sinatra Project: Volume II” is a great way to get reacquainted with Sinatra’s music with the vocal talents of a great artist in Feinstein. The performance was memorable and consisted of just Feinstein in an all-black suit with a single guitar player accompanying his crystal clear voice.


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