Today Show: Kirk Cameron Defends Todd Akin & ‘Monumental’ Documentary


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Kirk Cameron Interview

Girls went wild for the teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron when he played the rambunctious Mike Seaver on the TV comedy Growing Pains back in the ’80s. Recently Kirk embarked on a more passionate journey, making a film about exploring America’s faithful beginnings called Monumental. Kathie Lee and Hoda sat down with Kirk to talk about his new documentary and his family. Kirk Cameron defends Todd Akin, who participated in Monumental.

Kirk Cameron: Monumental Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Kirk Cameron about his new documentary Monumental, a film about exploring America’s faithful beginnings.

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Kirk Cameron about his new documentary Monumental, a film about exploring America’s faithful beginnings.


Kathie Lee said she loves history and had no idea this story existed and has never been taught. Kirk Cameron said he was never a history buff in school, but he was catapulted into it because he is a father of six kids and he cares about the world they are walking into.

Kirk Cameron: Monumental Documentary

He wanted to understand what made America such a great nation to begin with, so free and so strong. He thought what better way then to talk to the men and women who built this nation.

He spent a couple years retracing the escape route of the Pilgrims out of England all the way to Holland, where they stayed for 12 years and learned the nation-building principles they brought on the Mayflower to the New World.


Kirk said the DVD is out and said you can watch it with your kids before they go off to school and you can prepare your kids with the real story of America’s heritage.

Monumental: King James Not A Great Man

Kathie Lee said that people hear King James and think he was a great man, but not true. Kirk said he is not a historian, but he has learned that King James made a great Bible, but he did not make a great man.

Monumental: The Pilgrims

Cameron said the Pilgrims wanted religious freedom. So many of the things we are famous for today in this country, in terms of our liberties, comes from the courage and sacrifice of these men and women who came across on a little boat and gave it all for their descendants.

Today Show: Kirm Cameron Defends Todd Akin

In the movie, Kirk Cameron interviewed Rep. Todd Akin, the Congressman who has been in the news recently about his comments on “legitimate rape” and has issued an apology. Hoda wanted to know Kirk’s views on it all. He said from watching the movie, Akin is a man that is advocating the sanctity of life through and through. He said he misspoke and apologized for it. Kirk likes to evaluate people on their entire life and Akin has a wife and children and is a good man and he is now in a very difficult spot.


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