Today Show: Kathie Lee & Hoda Favorite Holiday Movies & Audience Makeovers


Today Show: Audience Makeovers

The Today Show gave a few lucky audience members the chance to spruce up their look for the holiday season.

First up was Carrie, a Tennessee native turned Florida transplant, was outside with her husband and two daughters. The high school teacher seldom dressed up and her husband was careful to dance around the subject, saying “she looked beautiful but could always look more beautiful”. I’m not sure that last part was a safe comment by the husband, but the wife seemed to let it slide.


Today Show Makeovers

The woman was clearly transformed after her makeover. Before, she was just another woman out on the winter streets of New York City. Yet she came out from her makeover with a black Calvin Klein dress and red top. Her hair had been lightened to take into account the Florida sun of her new state, and the husband was visibly shocked. Not to mention the children barely recognized her!

Up next was Karen, a cook who thinks getting dolled up involves a hint of mascara. She wears a hat to work and clearly needed a new hairdo. She was adamant about her lack of interest in her hair and overall look, much to the chagrin of her mullet-wearing, Harley Davidson hat toting husband. The man flat out said he wanted some improvements (wow!) as both Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb proclaimed that he was “road kill”.


Karen burst onto the set wearing a purple dress with black tights and boots from Payless, of all places. Her hair was also lightened as part of the makeover and the husband looked incredibly pleased by his sudden good fortunes. It’s yet to be seen if he is indeed road kill. Two Audience Makeovers, two jobs well done.

Today Show: Kathie Lee & Hoda Christmas Questions

A few audience members were able to ask the co-hosts some Christmas questions.

Question #1: What is the best Christmas present you’ve received?

Kathie Lee: A brand new baby (and here I thought all babies were brand new?)

Hoda: A new purse! (I think this was meant to be a joke)

Question #2: What was your favorite holiday movie growing up?

Kathie Lee: “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Hoda: “Rudolph” and the “A Charlie Brown Christmas”

Pick up the Kathie Lee and Hoda Movies, if you have’t already, and settle in for a great holiday weekend.



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