Today Show: Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Mallette – ‘Nowhere But Up’


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Pattie Mallette and Justin Bieber Interview

Justin Bieber is one of the biggest pop superstars ever with tens of millions of Facebook and Twitter fans and sold-out concerts around the world and he is just 18 years old. When his mother was 18 years old, she was giving birth to him. The journey has been long and hard for Pattie Mallette, but well worth it as she wrote in her new memoir, Nowhere But Up: The Story of Justin Bieber’s Mom. Kathie Lee sat down with Pattie and Justin in Los Angeles to discuss the book and life with Justin growing up.

Pattie Mallette: Nowhere But Up Review

Kathie Lee sat down with Pattie Mallette and Justin Bieber to discuss her new book, Nowhere but Up, life with Justin Bieber & being his Mom at the age of 18

Kathie Lee Gifford sat down with Pattie Mallette and Justin Bieber on The Today Show to discuss her new book, Nowhere but Up, life with Justin Bieber and being his Mom at the age of 18. (Dylan Armajani /


Justin is the same age as Pattie was when she had Justin. She said it blows her mind and she can’t picture him raising a child right now, he is still a child. Kathie Lee said she was too. Pattie said she didn’t feel like one, but seeing him now she thinks she clearly was.

Pattie Mallette: Sexually Abused As A Child

As early as age four, Pattie was sexually abused. She said so many people that are abused sexually that it just becomes something they are familiar with. They are almost attracted to it because their purity is taken at such a young age. By the age of 14, Pattie had started doing drugs and alcohol and lost her virginity at the age of 15. By 17, she had reached her breaking point. Pattie said she was full of shame, which she said is normal for anyone that has been through sexual abuse, to carry that shame and wrong with you. It got so bad for her, that she curled herself up into a ball in front of an oncoming truck to kill herself.

Pattie Mallette: Pregnant At 17

After that incident, she found God while in the hospital and was doing good for about six months. Then she started hanging out with her old friends again and next thing she knows, she is pregnant. Jeremy Bieber and Pattie had an on-and-off relationship. Pattie said they both came from broken homes and did the best they could, but it was definitely rocky.


Jeremy Bieber: Justin Bieber’s Father

Pattie and Jeremy never married, but she said Jeremy is a different man because of the whole situation. She said they are friends and they get along. She loves the Dad that he is to Justin today.

Justin Bieber: Always Finds Time For His Mom

As busy as Justin’s schedule is, he still finds time for his Mom and he even contributed to the memoir. He wrote the foreword and said she is the strongest woman he has ever known. Justin said he wants to grow up and have the heart that his Mom has.


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