Today Show: ‘Jesus Freak’ Stephen Baldwin in ‘Loving The Bad Man’


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Stephen Baldwin Interview

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Stephen Baldwin about his newest movie, Loving The Bad Man, his family life, his awakening and his brother, Alec Baldwin’s wedding.

Stephen Baldwin: Radio Host & Father

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Stephen Baldwin Loving The Bad Man Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Stephen Baldwin about his newest movie, Loving The Bad Man, his family, his awakening & Alec Baldwin's wedding.


Stephen Baldwin is best known as an actor and the wildest brother of the Baldwin brothers. However, he is also a radio talk show host, author and self-described Jesus freak. He is also a husband and a father. Baldwin said his wife is still loving him and his daughters are now starting their modeling careers. They are 19 and 16.

Stephen Baldwin: Loving The Bad Man Review

Stephen Baldwin stars in a new DVD film called Loving The Bad Man. He stars as a prison gang leader whose authority is being challenged. Baldwin said this is a tough movie.

It is about a young, Christian girl that was raped and gets pregnant during the rape. She decides that Christianity is all about forgiveness, so she is going to have this baby and forgive the man that raped her.


Baldwin said this film is shockingly going viral now. People of faith are really watching and thinking to themselves, “what would I do?” There is this chain reaction going on right now with Loving The Bad Man that is making people re-evaluate their faith. Kathie Lee said that forgiving is the act of love, so it is both.

Stephen Baldwin: Jesus Freak

Stephen Baldwin said he is the only one speaking loudly about it in his family. He had a pretty radical transformation ten years ago and for him, his walk of faith wasn’t about trying to impose it on anyone else. He likes to share that when he started to pursue Christianity the way the Bible says is when the experience became very different for him.

Alec Baldwin Wedding

Stephen Baldwin said getting there was interesting for the Alec Baldwin wedding. He said they are doing great and he just had dinner with them the other night. She was successful before she met Alec. He’s smart and talented and off to good things.


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