Today Show: Jane Fonda Interview & Best Bargain Wine


Today Show: Best Bargain Wine

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were lucky enough to taste the Best Bargain Wine and champagne available today. There was also a boxed wine surprise! Check out the tasty samples below:

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Best Wine Under $20

Two options to choose from: a Gerard Bertrand or Raventos I Blanc. There were little details given about the actual bottles, but needless to say both co-hosts were happy to be involved in the tasting event.


Today Show Jane Fonda Interview

Today Show Jane Fonda Interview (Photo Credit: Helga Esteb /

Today Show: Best Wine Under $40

Again, two great options: A California Sparkling Wine by Piper-Heidsieck or the Schramsberg Brut Rose. Not surprisingly, both co-hosts enjoyed their glasses!

Today Show: Best Boxed Wine

The co-hosts were put up to a challenge, and Hoda swore the wine she was drinking came from a bottle. Wrong! The wine, from Black Box Wines, came in a tetra box similar to what coconut water comes in. Apparently, boxed wine is catching on and not reserved for the cheap, hangover-prone options anymore. I’m still not sure I’d bring boxed wine to a party or gathering, but I would certainly consider keeping it in my own fridge.


Today Show: Jane Fonda Interview

The audience and viewers at home were treated to a Jane Fonda Interview to close out the show. Her new DVD’s, “Trim, Tone & Flex” and “Prime Time: Firm and Burn” have hit the shelves and are geared to the baby boomer generation.

Jane Fonda wore her original leotard from the 1980s onto the set and both co-hosts joked that they were annoyed at Jane’s slim figure at her older age.

How does she maintain that body? She eats well and has good genes — her dad was long and lanky, so was her brother. She can’t run due to a titanium hip and the co-hosts joked that everything must go off at the airports.

Workout videos from 80s are different than now, Fonda said. Videos in the past primarily included jumping up and down, but now low impact exercises are emphasized, especially for the older generation. The key is to maintain muscle mass and be flexible, allowing you to function independently, i.e. get out of chairs easily. The older you get, it’s even more important to weight train due to loss of muscle mass.

Jane does about 40 minutes of aerobics, 10 minutes on a bike, 10 on treadmill, etc. because she gets bored with one activity. It sounds like having a gym membership is pretty important — unless you have a big enough room for multiple cardio machines. How do you work out? At home or at the gym? Share some of your workout secrets in the comments section.



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