Today Show: How To Spice Up Marriage & Husband Gift Advice


Today Show: Donny Deutsch Advice

The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Donny Deutsch to the set for a guy’s perspective on things women want to know, from How to Spice Up Marriage to Husband Gift Advice and more. Check out his tips and see if you agree.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Husband Gift Advice

Today Show: Donny Deutsch Advice

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Ever wonder what the ultimate gift for your husband is? Donny suggests getting him something personal. Examples: decorate his old baseball glove or get a vintage poster of something he liked in his early years — maybe a movie or sports team. Another idea is to grab an old vintage Timex watch from Ebay for around $80, as Donny showed off his own version on the set. It sounds like “vintage” and “old” are the buzz words for Donny’s gift giving advice.

Today Show: Ex-Husband Communication

What if your ex husband has a new girlfriend, fiance, or wife and still wants to communicate with you, even be a friend? Many women feel like they are getting played in this scenario, but Donny says if there are children involved, it’s very important to maintain communication. The ex husband is actually doing the right thing in this scenario and you should meet him halfway. Children who grow up with two parents that get along — even after a divorce — are typically in much better shape. At the end of the day, do it for the kids, if for no other reason.

Kathie Lee &  Hoda: Spicing Up Marriage

Sometimes marriage can hit a lull. How can you spice up a marriage and get your husband more interested in you? Donny says to bluntly ask your husband: “What is your fantasy?” Let the hubby know you’re up for some role play and be crazy. Donny admitted that the show’s 10:30 am air date made it hard to go into any detail, but it seemed that co-hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda got the message!


Today Show: Dirty Text Messages

Now this is a tricky one. Say you intentionally snoop around your husband’s text messages and stumble across some dirty shenanigans with a girlfriend of his, maybe even an ex who lives in the area. Do you confront him or leave it alone? Most women are scared to bring it up, for the obvious fact that it shows you were doing some snooping. Donny says that if you aren’t willing and prepared to see something bad, you shouldn’t be doing the snooping in the first place. Furthermore, you better be prepared to confront him afterwards. If not, the woman will be tortured while the man is oblivious to the situation.



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