Today Show: Fred Armisen: Saturday Night Live & Portlandia


Today Show: Kathie Lee & Hoda SNL

The outdoor audience was able to ask co-hosts Kathie Lee & Hoda a few questions. Check them out below:

An 18-year old and soon-to-be college student asked: what is your advice on moving from Florida to New York City?


Answer: Pack warmer clothes and bring lots of money, Kathie Lee said, as the city is expensive. Also, give yourself time to adjust. Hoda’s advice: the city is divided up into various neighborhoods so don’t get overwhelmed. You’ll soon know your own newspaper guy and dry-cleaner.

Today Show: Fred Armisen Interview

Today Show: Fred Armisen Interview (Image Credit: Glynnis Jones /

Question: How do you feel about the Saturday Night Live skits that portray your show?


Answer: If only they were funny! Also, people that play Hoda apparently get fired.

Today Show: Fred Armisen Interview

Saturday Night Live regular and creator of Portlandia Fred Armison dropped by the set of The Today Show to talk with co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb.

Today Show: Fred Armisen: Portlandia

The show Portlandia is a television series on IFC about eccentric characters experiencing life in Portland. The show introduces new actors on virtually every episode and creates a dreamy rendering of the city that everyone in Portland — or visitors for that matter — will appreciate. Even those who have never been to Portland can take away life lessons from the show, and will probably be tempted to make a visit in the near future after seeing all of the on-location sets that are featured on the show.  The show is co-written and directed by other Saturday Night Live members and is certainly worth checking out.

Armisen, as a co-writer, helped create the show from scratch and also plays an acting role. It’s a lot of work — but good work, he said, and is happy the show was picked up for a second season. The second season actually starts tonight on IFC at 10pm.

Today Show: Fred Armisen: Saturday Night Live

Everyone knows Fred for his portrayal as President Obama on Saturday Night Live. As it turns out, the GOP candidates are the hottest topic in comedy at the moment — leaving Fred as the odd man out. He seemed upset that he didn’t look like a GOP candidate, but still enjoyed watching his fellow SNL cast mates continue the tradition of poking fun at presidential hopefuls.

What are your favorite Fred Armisen moments from Saturday Night Live? Has anyone seen his new show Portlandia? Let us know in the comments section below.



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