Today Show: Fashion Emergency Tips & Winter Skin Care


Today Show: Fashion Emergency Tips

Author Jill Martin stopped by the set of The Today Show to give co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a few Fashion Emergency Tips.

Today Show: Scott eVest Winter Wear

First up, for those carrying a lot of accessories, try a Scott eVest hoodie or jacket. The amazing invention contains 13 pockets that stores everything from your ipod and camera to hair brush and makeup. Kathie Lee was quick to point out she wouldn’t need to carry her fanny pack around anymore. The item seemed perfect for walking around town, when a big purse or backpack isn’t the ideal option. The product also keeps everything safe from pickpockets for those who like to travel abroad or in more dangerous areas.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Etre Texting Gloves

Today Show Scott eVest

Another great idea: Etre Texting Gloves. Unlike conventional gloves, or those with all five fingers cut off, this wonderful invention simply allows your thumb and forefinger to be free for texting while on the go. The co-hosts joked that now only two fingers will get frostbite, but I really think this is a nice product for anyone living in a cold locale who loves to text on the go.

Today Show: Juicy Tubes Gift Set

Next up: A holiday gift set of Juicy Tubes. Kathie Lee stole the sample set and tucked it away in her shirt, so we know at least one of the co-hosts is a big fan of the lip gloss!


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Winter Skin Care

The show’s audience was treated to a variety of Winter Skin Care tips for the holiday season. Cold weather can really put a number on your skin, causing blushing and dryness. A humidifier is important, as heat inside the home causes the air to dry out.

For those heading to a warm-weathered locale over the holidays, make sure to wear SPF 30 sunscreen or above — rain or shine — and reapply every hour for the entire time you’re outside. Also, stay away from the sauna and steam rooms. Especially during the winter season, they tend to dry out and irritate your skin. Same goes for hot showers.

Also, check out the helpful products below:

Aveeno Intense Release Hand Cream

Aveeno’s Intense Release Hand Cream is perfect for dry skin. Both co-hosts tried some on the set and were big fans of the product.

Almay Makeup Remover

Almay Makeup Remover takes care of the thinnest skin on your body.

Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion

For an all-purpose moisturizer, pick up a bottle of Cetaphil Lotion.


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