Today Show: Dog Whisperer: Potty Training & Greeting Dogs


Today Show: Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan, known as the “Dog Whisperer” on National Geographic Wild, dropped by the set of The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb to discuss Potty Training, Greeting Dogs, and other useful canine advice. Check out the tips below.

Today Show: Winterproof Your Dog

Dogs can wear a jacket to keep the warmth in (or boots) much like a human. Booties can also be used to avoid for frostbite. Also, dogs will lick their paws and get the chemicals in their mouth from the salt and other roadside debris. Another option for foot care: pick up an organic cream to rub on their paws after venturing out in the snow.


Today Show: Dog Potty Training

Today Show: Dog Whisperer

Today Show: Dog Whisperer (Image Credit: Joe Seer /

Need to get your dog to use the bathroom outside? Use a newspaper to encourage them to use the bathroom, as the scent will make it easier for them to associate the area with the need to potty.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Indoor Dog Exercise

Too cold to exercise a dog outside? Take the party inside by using your dog’s favorite toy. Put it in any box you want and let him wait before sending him to go look for the toy in the various boxes. It’s mentally draining and the fact he found the ball reinforces the challenge.


Today Show: Dog & Child Safety

Before purchasing a dog for the family, make sure the dog is compatible for you and your children. We all want to approach dogs we meet in the park or on the sidewalk, but words to the wise: no touch, no talk, and no eye contact. Let the dog come to you or they will get too excited. Also, don’t nurture excitement by getting down on their level — stay standing and remain calm.

Today Show: Career Changer Success Story

Meet Marla, a career woman who used to work in politics for Bill Clinton’s staff and now works in the kitchen. She was an accomplished home baker and took a sabbatical to attend baking school. She had to remind herself that Julia Child didn’t start until her 50’s. Her current business? Making funny and witty cookies based on presidential candidates, ranging from current President Obama to candidates such as Mitt Romney.

What ultimately made her switch paths? She loves politics but there’s something about baking, she said, there’s a peace to it and her heart is into it.

Today Show: Career Changer Advice

Experts say Marla made the transition in smart fashion. Marla is still consulting at night, therefore holding onto the money-making base while in the transitional period. Essentially, you have to make sure you’re in a profitable venture before you go 100% in on your new dream venture.

Is making a transition tougher at an older age? Not necessarily, and it’s even a new trend that gaining in popularity. People get to a certain point and have an urge to not have regrets in their life. Most importantly, you need the passion, money, and the thing that people most often overlook: skills and talent. If Marla wasn’t good at making cookies or managing a team of cookie makers, she wouldn’t be having the success she’s having. This holds true for anyone starting any kind of venture. Make sure you have the chops to successfully move forward. Experts say to start out doing it as a hobby and take baby steps.


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